Metallica Icon Spotted Drinking On Television After Rehab


Imagine that! Metallica’s Lars Ulrich took to social media via Instagram to share this photo of himself and rap icon LL Cool J! The thrash rock superstar took this picture from the most recent Kennedy Center Honors ceremony in which Ulrich paid tribute to Michael Tilson, the co-founder of the New World Symphony. Lars Ulrich wife swimsuit photo stuns Metallica fans.

Lars wrote about this picture on his Instagram stating the following: “Another snap from the Kennedy Center Honors getup in D.C last weekend. Post festivity beverage with show host, 2017 honoree and obviously “coolest” guy in the room, LL Cool J. And a reminder that if you’re in the States, you can watch the show tonight on CBS.” This comes after news of James Hetfield entering rehab a couple of months ago. You can view the photo below.

Metallica ‘bring back’ bassist in emotional announcement. In other news revolving Lars Ulrich and Metallica, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact regarding one of Metallica’s most classic live albums – S&M.

One fan reviewed: “The album comes exactly as you would expect. Nice thick vinyl, great photos, and best of all great sound! I have the DVD as well as the CD, this was a father’s day gift from my wife to me and so it completes the collection for me. This is by far my favorite album and in my opinion the best set I have heard Metallica do. Lots of hit songs as well as a new one, well, new in 1999 when they did the concert. The shipping package was perfect and there wasn’t a ding or scratch anywhere to be found.

Howard Stern reveals disturbing ‘drunk’ Metallica claim. The fan continued: “If you not a fan of vinyl, get this on CD, MP3, or DVD, however you can, you won’t be disappointed! As a 23-year-old who hasn’t bought a CD in a few years, why not start a vinyl collection? Makes for a great conversation piece and you can get most new albums on vinyl nowadays. Face it, CD’s are dead, Mp3’s and iTunes are the main way to get music, so get yourself a vinyl collection! Plus vinyl sounds better than CD and mp3 anyway!”