Smashing Pumpkins’ D’arcy Claims Billy Corgan ‘Borrowed Money’ From Soundgarden Member


Original Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky claimed that Billy Corgan borrowed money from a Soundgarden member in the past. She left the comment in an Alternative Nation story about her text message conversations with Corgan.


Billy borrowed a LOT of $$$ from someone in the SoundGarden camp, as well as getting himself “in a financial hole” as he told me.

Keeping up that kind of jetset lifestyle is incredibly expensive.

James wouldn’t turn down that kind of $$$ –

– & didn’t. Neither did i-

-tho for different reasons-not that it made a difference… yet.”

Corgan and Soundgarden feuded in the press in the early 2010’s, with Corgan calling Soundgarden’s reunion a cash grab. It’s unclear if D’arcy’s comment is in reference to this, but Chris Cornell told ABC News Radio in 2012, “When Billy Corgan was completely broke, I got him a movie deal with [director] Cameron Crowe where he made $40,000. He was very happy about that, and he was specifically happy about the $40,000. So next time you see him, tell him he owes me my $40,000 back.”

D’arcy also responded to a reader named Anonymous501 on Alternative Nation. Anonymous501 commented, “Reading that, it sounds like Billy Corgan and the other members are trying to press forward, but they’re unsure of Darcy’s capabilities. I read a guy that really wants to make it work, but is stuck on a Variable. In reality they probably need to hash it out in person. Reading Corgan’s big long text’s and Darcy’s shorter replies, it reminds me of conversations I should of had in person (or over the phone) as its difficult to do in texting.”

D’arcy commented in response to this:

“1. r u serious?
2. maybe you didn’t see the text where he comes right out and says that he james jimmy & jeff need to do it right?

Notice how he says Maybe i can play a couple soungs &/or sing daydream? Maybe you didn’t read where i told him that my shoulder would be 100% fine? (which it is)

Maybe… you need to read it again?”

  • Atrosion Band

    “Sing” (verb)
    to give information or evidence
    Syn … TO REPORT
    “Daydream” (noun)
    a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one’s attention from the present.
    Syn … FAKE NEWS!
    D’arcy: “Neither did i-(turn down $$$)-tho for different reasons-not that it made a difference… yet.”
    Since she is failing to create enough hoopla to sell tickets… I will.
    Be careful whom you praise. If they don’t return it you will be their slave. -Siddhartha
    But be more careful whom you bait into waging wars. I’ve writ it 10 times or more:
    D’ARCY IS IN BILLY’S POCKET. A suitable place for a bassist, I suppose.
    ALT-NATION IS IN BILLY’S POCKET. Corporate magazines still sell ads.

    • DanSwon

      Did you forget to take your meds today?

      • Atrosion Band

        Hate. (verb)
        A dividing force following harsh facts.

        • Atrosion Band

          And to answer your question, no meds, no drugs, ever. I have been studying this topic for months now and have paid extreme attention to detail. The tells are everywhere. Corgan has claimed the importance of these kind of tactics to get press many, many times. His entire marketing strategy is making his fans think “Poor Billy, I, as his only fan need to come to his aid.” As a die-hard fan, I’ve decided to stop quietly observing all the BS and speak facts. You can get front row tickets now in most venues. Want to sit 2nd row in LA?.. I’m sorry if you bought opening day at 10AM and offered the worst seats in each section, because you were emotionally manipulated. I saw Radiohead last summer for $16 direct from Ticketmaster 1 day before the show. CNN praised RH for selling out their tour instantly, and the people sitting next to me paid $500 cause they thought they didn’t click fast enough. MJK used the “Siddhartha” tactic in 2015 when he said “He hates his fans” one day before sales… The fans said “We’ll show him!”. Stubhub bought all the Tool tickets before 10:00:01 leaving fans scalping for thousands. SP is systematically getting a headline a day from Alt-Nation… Hrmmm… I will always love the music more than you. But the band-members can suck it Reno style. That last sentence made them like me. If I praised them for their fashion and business choices it would psychologically make them think they are better than me. And vice-versa. It’s hard to be a d*ck, you should try it some time. Life might start going your way if it isn’t already… If so, carry on. Billy sold me this psychology lesson for $375 in the form of the BRILLIANT Siddhartha box set. He should be pleased I received it. Unfortunately for him, his “Silver Shoes” made the REAL news RUN BILLY! ABORT! ABORT! ABORT! or in Nautical terms, VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE! (He posted his latest Instagram post right after I pointed out his tactic, both my post and his Instagram post using Wizard of Oz references.) The quickest way to shut down free speech is to imply someone is crazy. It is also the quickest way to get someone to sing.
          -Michael Stipe

          • DanSwon

            Yep, you are totally and utterly insane.

          • Atrosion Band

            You are incorrect, because for the first time in my life I am NOT going with the pack. What is the point? Our world is schism-ed. People join gangs when they are ostracized. The military is the worlds largest gang. Which means war is looming.

          • Evan Jones II

            He’s milking it

          • Zweet Juzt 1212


          • DanSwon


          • Olga Stewart

            More and more of these sorts of posters are crawling out of the woodwork and then finding their way onto this site.

            I can’t even being to imagine what goes through their heads.

          • Evan Jones II

            Please, don’t go there…LOL

          • Olga Stewart

            But I already did. :).

          • Atrosion Band

            I’m pretty sure ‘Moral Compass’ is just the code for ‘Mason Connection’.
            Barrack Obama ran on a ‘Moral Compass’ agenda.
            Donald Trump says ‘Hilary sent 33,000 emails’ to huuuuge applause.

          • Corndog

            Are you sure you don’t do drugs, because you sound like a crack addict.

            Billy Corgan told me to say that.

          • Atrosion Band

            Free speech is only curtailed in one way, to insult the transceivers mental state, qualifications or values. I must be committing a felony (crack) to construct these sentences. Is that a threat? I have nothing to lose. The only freedom my fellow service members ever knew when we were sent to war was “free speech”. We came back to a world with none. The enemy is within. Can I say ‘33’ without fear? Give me liberty or give me death. Lenin’s on sale again. 18-21 year old males get ostracized by Masons. The young girls will be drawn to items only Mason’s (older men) are allowed to purchase. Ostracized males search for a tribe. There is war looming, have you seen the signs? I fell for them once, so they are obvious to me. Is there life on Mars? Should I let BC recruit for a war machine on the grounds that he succeeded once before (Thanks, asshole!)? That is what a crack head would do. I don’t need a fix. I’ve never got a break. What is it you want to change?

          • Corndog

            Stop it, you’re scaring me. I honestly have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, but i suspect you like it that way.

            Interesting that you hear that line from Bowie’s Life on Mars as Lenin. I’ve always heard it as ‘Lennon’s on sale again’ personally.

          • Atrosion Band

            I mean no harm. There is logic in the above, though cryptic. Unfortunately, even my retardedly-brave-ass is in fear of posting too much publicly. The USA became a big pissing match. Everyone became “scared” to communicate. And now people aren’t even calling their Mom’s anymore. If we ignore the fact that this is happening, we risk it continuing. If it continues, our world will become violent and cold… Until some buildings fall. At that point we will all re-Nationalize. Then we will fight a war. Commence Fascism, at least in the Keynesian sense. Then our troops will come home to a world in fear of speaking openly. Rinse, repeat. “I’ve seen it ten times or more”. It’s likely in the 20 year war plan and the schism is serving as a modern form of conscription. Fun-fact: no media outlet said that SpaceX played the song “Life On Mars”, they reported “Space Oddity”. Why? The Gov. (NOAA) made them pull the feed citing National Security. Answers generally come from questions. Ask yourself “Why?” Every time something like that occurs. Google, Google, Google, and you will be a space cadet like me in no time. Not recommended to the faint of heart. If you flip forward you will see the world is GAY, in the numerological sense. AMEN, brother Corndog. This reply is for everyone and not personal, as I never am.

          • Corndog

            Are you suggesting that the American government is currently manipulating the public so that it can turn the tide of opinion towards a war that they wish to wage? Respectfully, isn’t that something that the American government is always doing? Such as when you invaded Iraq under Bush? He pretty much flat out admitted that he was lying his ass off about the WMD’s.

            Why is everyone scared to communicate? Is it because we are creating a world of over sensitive people who’s main goal in life appears to be feeling outraged about something or other? I don’t think they really care so long as they get to feel pissed off and hard done by about something; anything.

            SpaceX is Elon Musk, right? Are you referring to the Car they put in space recently? Sorry i didn’t really follow that on the news much. So they said that they played one Bowie song, but actually played another? Why is that? I would have played Starman personally. You say the NOAA made them pull the feed, i’d never heard of them so i googled it and got: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Is that what you’re referring to? Why do you think they did that?

            Your replies are quite interesting, if someone cryptic and bizarre:)

          • Atrosion Band

            I am suggesting America is schismed. And the schism was intentional. No one here has ever supported war intentionally. The reason people join gangs is because they feel isolated. Humans don’t naturally isolate. If every 18 year old boy had an 18 year old girl and supporting family we would have no soldiers. How much is lost in translation in any form of text (email, forum)? We are trained to call anyone that types more than 1 sentence “crazy”, but would be irritated by a 1 sentence verbal response. Everyone has turned to text based communication which has also created a fear of being “spied on”. We all gossip, go ahead and send a friend an email explaining how you feel about a mutual friend in a negative light. Can’t, can you? So instead you don’t communicate as freely as you would have, say 10 years ago. I would happily explain to you how the cult up the street doesn’t allow non-members to work in good jobs, and created a have-have-not society benefiting people that pay them dues, and show up to enough BBQ’s for hours in person. When 18 year old Johnny doesn’t get a date in two years because of fashion changes that disenfranchise him, and his Dad has the job he needs to pay rent to his Dad… Lets see where 18 year old Johnny ends up. Humans are tribal/pack animals. My Grandmother was one of the first American woman to ever work during WWII. Why do you suppose women “decided” to qualify for Johnny’s job next year all of the sudden?

            My answer to your first question answers your second one. No. Not exactly. The media-man got us concerned with the wrong things. Universal Healthcare would be fine, but it’s unconstitutional for the Federal Government to SPEND tax dollars on anything but military (52%), Veterans Adminstration (40%) and a few other things that have been (perhaps wrongly) deemed National Security issues. It is not much of a secret that we have a 20 year war plan. The tax money is being raised now to fund us through the next big war which we will start. The second the war is over the soldiers will be deemed defective by raised standards and bonuses will run the rest off. When they are needed… Divide and concer.

            The lyrics to “Life On Mars” explain what is happening to America right now. Musk was trying to warn us, but got blocked. Almost every rock artist, including Corgan, have spoken extensively about our f*cked situation. But as BC Instagramed last week… Nothing to see here. Shine down told us to cut the cord in 2015, and Pick up the Phone last week. The latter will fall on deaf ears. I’m just hear to screenshot this and say “told you so” when we are sending troops home in body bags.

          • neonlithography

            you speak in nonsense just as eloquently as billy corgan himself… that’s not easy to accomplish

          • Olga Stewart

            Maybe it is Billy?

          • Atrosion Band

            “There are 3 types of people in this world.” BC and I are one–In that regard. You are what you eat, I suppose.
            -Sic Proseletarian

          • Olga Stewart

            This comment of yours couldn’t have been summed up in one sentence?

            Such as, ‘D’arcy, what your back where Billy is concerned.’?

          • Evan Jones II

            But he’s a Genius, Super Smart Smartie

          • Atrosion Band

            He would have never given them “Drown” for 40k if it wasn’t to be a single. He got double crossed by Silver (Cornell’s ex) who pushed Alice ‘n Chains instead.

          • Evan Jones II

            Oh my, a conspiracy… What’s next?

          • Atrosion Band

            He stated that in an interview… VIP Nashville 2015, I believe. The definition for Conspiracy begins with “an illegal act…”. I guess I’m a criminal. The crime here is that Cornell’s obvious joke was taken literal. If your friend gets you a job do you owe them the money for your work?

          • Evan Jones II

            Maybe a finders fee?

          • Atrosion Band

            Maybe a “Thanks”. Remind me not to ever let you introduce me to someone. Cornell was married to a millionaire at the time. So you would agree that paying him the entire 40k was hyperbole? The song “Drown” was to be the first single on Siamese Dream, which cost $260k to make. Instead it got buried deep on a Soundtrack, and got SP labeled “grunge”. Which did a disservice to the band. Also, Wouldn’t it be the property of Virgin records? SP was told it would be movies single. Instead the 3 bands Silver managed at the time got the push. Would we even know Mother Love Bone if that wasn’t the case? AiC blew up.

  • AndNow…

    Boy, that D’Arcy sure has a lot to say, much of which may or may not even be true. Who knows.

    What I do know though is that she better be careful or Billy might start telling off her dirty little secrets, and I’m sure there are many.

    • Evan Jones II

      Hope so! That will be choice. Betcha you need to buy the book he’s writing …..nothing for free…LOL
      DarcyD’Arcy, that will buy a lot of hay…

    • Shinobi Jedi

      Dude, are you like the guy who has a crush on a girl but no social skills, so he can only berate her?

      Because that’s how you come off. Like a petty, CA-RAZY, fan.

      Take your meds dude.

    • Tilman Müller

      You are full of dirty little secrets of insanity, Glass Troll!

  • Diana

    HI D’ARCY!

    Chris’s quote made me laugh. I like sassy Chris.

    • Mona

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  • Olga Stewart

    Billy, if you do have that $40,000, perhaps donate it in Chris’s name to a charity he was passionate about.

    Otherwise, if you donate it to something else (I think many of you know what I’m referring to), it will never get into the hands of the people who are supposed to have it.

    • Atrosion Band

      So Cornell suggested Crow use a song Corgan wrote and paid to record and now Cornell is due the money he sold it for? You know Susan Silver (Cornell’s ex and manager) made the deal anyway. And I am willing to bet is the financier of the big loan in question. The rock stars she manages might (just might, it is legal) have “fake your death clauses” in their contracts. Will BC be jetsetting to the 4 Seasons soon? “If I was dead, Would my records sell?” No, but if you die young your “image/branding” will for an eternity with no overhead. I would never sign an artist without an escape clause… and I’m an unsuccessful idiot.

    • Fred Rayner

      So when you do a favor for a friend and set up an interview, he gets the job, does the work. And who owes money to who? Wake up Olga this is exactly what’s wrong with people. With friends like this, wow

      • Olga Stewart

        I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

        • Atrosion Band

          Why isn’t anyone discussing what a shitty thing it is to publicly bring up that someone owes someone else large amounts of money? Why is everyone focused on Corgan being a supposed asshole. My guess is because he wants it that way. The story is he gets wronged and people come to D’arcy and Cornell’s aid. Since it doesn’t make since psychologically, it gets people to actually support Billy because no one else seems to. And his only crime here is being successful… Always is.

        • Atrosion Band

          You fail to see that Cornell’s ex managed nearly every other band on the singles soundtrack? Should D’arcy get paid for it? Butch Vig? Jimmy? The label… No, just Chris cause he made a joke, and died. Everyone Susan Silver manages dies at opportune times that also push political agendas… I wouldn’t sign those papers, unless there was chicks on the island… And weed.

      • Olga Stewart

        Oh and how exactly is Billy going to pay back Chris?

        Chris is dead.

        And if he gave the money to Vicky and her family, god knows what would happen to it.

        So maybe you also need to wake up, Fred?

    • TheReclusiveChanteuse

      That money didn’t come out of Cornell’s pocket and it was a dick move saying what he said in public whether it was true or not. Is he referring to Singles?? That was over 25 years ago!!!!!!

      • Olga Stewart

        I don’t know what the money was for.

        But perhaps it’s a matter that is best left alone because it will probably cause both more stress and drama.

        Also, who would Billy pay the money back to?

  • Stone Gossardish

    Cornell’s response there was so choice.

  • Evan Jones II

    Super, Smart, Smartie, that be Billy Wonka Corgie.

  • Evan Jones II

    Yo, perhaps a wrestling match between Billy and D’Arcy is in order, aka, Andy Kaufman style. Man, I’ll pay to see that,

    You couldn’t make this stuff up!

  • Bob Khan

    Just give this shit a rest already. What is done is done. Tired of this fucking drama.

  • Atrosion Band

    Helping someone get a $40k job in 1992 and BC being in a financial hole due to a financial loan with someone in the SG camp in 2018 are two very different things. 36 show arena tours might require the kind of backing money can’t buy. Can any band play the Masonic Lodge Forever Cemetery? Who can be buried there? “Freedom isn’t free, for folks like you and me.” “If you don’t throw in your buck-0-5 who will?” AMEN = 1+13+5+14… WAKE UP!

  • John Scott

    I guess what I don’t understand is why D’arcy didn’t get on a plane and meet up with them early on, when the relationship was salvagable. Does she ever leave Michigan at all these days?

  • Luke

    All of these articles on the Smashing Pumpkins and the “ongoing feud” are by one source – Alt Nation.The only people living this shit up is Alt Nation.

    I am firmly in BC’s pocket because he has the talent to back it up. The background noise is exactly that – in the background.

  • Olga Stewart

    So you had to repeat yourself three times?

    But it doesn’t matter because each time you read it, it still doesn’t make sense.