Dave Mustaine Claims Lars Ulrich ‘Runs’ Metallica, Calls Him Out For Turning Down Huge Show


Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine discussed Metallica in a new Sound Exchange interview (via Ultimate-Guitar).

Can the Big Four pull off another concert before Slayer retires from touring, and would you support another Big Four concert?

“That’s not up to me. Everybody on the planet knows that’s up to Lars Ulrich because Lars runs Metallica and they are the ones that are in control of this, which doesn’t seem fair since the moniker suggests that we’re equal.

“If they say ‘no,’ then there’s no Big Four show. I think the guys in Slayer and Anthrax and my guys are dedicated enough to the metal community that if there was a Big Four show… we would do it, even if there was a prior commitment, because I think everybody would understand these are momentous concerts.

“Any one Big Four show, to a metal fan, [is like] Woodstock to rock fans of the ’70s. It’s where they celebrate life, meet people and fall in love and do all that great stuff that happens when people get together.”

And reconnect, because it’s been a few years since the last Big Four concert.

“Right. It’s been a long time, and if they don’t do it I would love to do something with Slayer just out of deference, out of respect for them as people, what they stand for and what they’ve done for our community. There will never be another Slayer.”

Do you think there are any rising metal bands that will fill the void left behind by Slayer’s retirement?

“No. Never. There will be bands that will be influenced by Slayer. That will sound like Slayer. But there will never be another Slayer because Tom [Araya] is one of a kind. So is Kerry [King]. There are dark bands… lots of bands that talk about murderers and war and the occult and the dark side. But no one is really as prolific as Tom.”