Metallica Member Reveals Dark Truth About Metal Icon


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett called Slayer guitarist Kerry King ‘Satan” in a hilarious new birthday message on Instagram.

He wrote, “#kerryking 🤘🤘 Happy Birthday Satan !!”

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recently discussed the band’s charity work in a new Forbes interview with Steve Baltin.

Baltin: What made you keep it under the radar for so long? Bruce Springsteen has been shouting out local food banks at his shows since I started seeing him in ’84. Lars and I have discussed Metallica remaining publicly politically neutral but I think helping less fortunate is a non-divisive issue.

Trujillo: It’s interesting you bring that up because I think it’s possible that there’s a balance between not trying to flex and tooting our own horn and presenting Metallica as that, the balance between trying to keep it humble and supplying the donations but not trying to be like “We’re the mighty Metallica” at that time. There’s the balance as a metal band and all this kind of stuff. I guess in a weird way it’s the persona and all that that can go with it over time.

When you’re younger, I played in Suicidal Tendencies and you want to seem invincible. But as you get a little older you become more aware of the impact of what you do and the amount of people you can reach and how they can help. So all of a sudden it becomes not just about the band and what we’re trying to do, but it becomes about the fans and what they can do and how many people we reach. And if you really start to look at that you realize we can be a force together and let’s open this up, bring awareness