Mick Jagger Begs For ‘Help’ From Big Name With Sickness


The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood recently told the German newspaper Spiegel that Mick Jagger demanded that he join the band when he was laid up with a bad cold. Below is a roughly translated quote.

Wood said, “Yes, in Munich the guys recorded their album ‘Black And Blue’ at Musicland Studios. I was with the Faces in Los Angeles and lay flat with a cold. Mick answered and asked me to come to Munich immediately. You would need my help again. I was honored and flew away. ‘Hey Negrita’ was my first own song I wrote for the Stones (jumps up, dances and sings ‘Hey Negrita, hey now, hey conchita nanana’) . I remember well the wild times in Munich. Keith and I often used to hang out in this rock shed, the ‘Sugar Shack.'”

Mick Jagger confirming a The Rolling Stones replacement was detailed a few days ago. The Rolling Stones fans on IORR.org recently discussed a Mick Jagger solo album. The Flying Dutchman said, “Seemingly Jagger had an appetite for Beck on guitar back in the days. I wonder how much Jagger payed Jeff Beck to let him do this “another bloody day at the office job”. Splendid guitarist, uninspired music according to Jeff Beck-standards.”

Rocky Dijon posted, “I like the song, but the solo is straight out of Neil Schon’s Don’t Stop Believing. The video nicely captured what a Beck tour could have been like. You get the feeling Mick had always wanted to yell “work for the money” at the Stones during a guitar break.

Mick was not a gentleman during the shoot to both Denise Crosby (the actress in the video) or to Jeff Beck’s girlfriend. The latter caused a bit of friction apparently, though Jeff seemed to get over it by the Hall of Fame induction ceremony a few months later when he played a terrific Satisfaction behind Mick. Denise Crosby’s experience was later immortalized by her father-in-law at the time in a film he made with a bit with an obnoxious womanizing English rock star. The video has Terry Bozzio on drums as Simon Phillips wasn’t available on short notice. It was the beginning of Beck’s collaboration with Bozzio.

As for Beck’s price, he wasn’t cheap. During SHE’S THE BOSS, Beck’s manager provided Eddie Martinez as the lower rate package deal. Eddie did all of Jeff’s quick touch-ups for the album because you don’t pay Jeff’s rate to fix a few seconds here or there. For PRIMITIVE COOL, Mick used Jim Barber (who played lead guitar on “Too Much Blood”), a then-unknown Vernon Reid, and Jimmy Rip. Jimmy told me all three of them spent a couple weeks at Right Track doing all of the touch-ups for Beck lasting just a few seconds. Mick first met Jimmy when he played guitar at The Peppermint Lounge for Bette Midler’s “Beast of Burden” video, Jimmy would go on to tour with Mick, and serve as Mick’s Keith stand-in for WANDERING SPIRIT. Jimmy also played on some of the STEEL WHEELS demos with Ronnie and Charlie and Doug Wimbish.” The Rolling Stones’ rumored 2020 tour was recently revealed.