Steven Adler Reveals Why Axl Rose Wants ‘Ghosts’ To Play With Him In Guns N’ Roses


Steven Adler discussed Guns N’ Roses members Melissa Reese, Richard Fortus, and Dizzy Reed in a new interview with Eddie Trunk.

“Oh, dude. The reason they fit perfect in that band is ’cause they’re like fucking ghosts. ‘Cause Axl doesn’t wanna see nobody. I would walk into the studio, I’d say hi to them, and then I’d turn around, and they’d be gone. And then when I was done playing, all of a sudden, [they’d be there] again. And I’m, like, ‘Where did you go?’ Very nice people — very quiet, just the way Axl likes it: nice and quiet.”

He also explained why Izzy Stradlin refuses to play with the band, “Because he wants to do it like me — the right way or not at all. And the reason I did it and needed to do it was because I got kicked out of the band for reasons I still don’t know. To say that I’m a drug addict in that band and getting kicked out for drugs is ridiculous. They were doing drugs way more than me, so it’s like calling the kettle black. But it was different stuff. Axl wanted more control of the thing. Then he wanted control of Izzy, and then he wanted control of Slash and Duff, and so one at a time everybody left until it was the Axl Rose band. But he still called it Guns N’ Roses. And I don’t blame him — I would too, ’cause that name is worth billions. So I’d use it if I could myself. [Laughs] I’d get Steven Tyler to sing though. [Laughs] Like I said, [Izzy] wants to do it the right way, with the five of us, and I needed to do it, because I neeed closure. I got kicked out, and all of a sudden… I had a road crew, I had management, I had accountants, I had stage people, I had a band, and then one day, literally in one afternoon, I had nobody — I was all alone. And I was scared shitless. I didn’t know what to do. What do I do? All I knew was what I was doing. And then I was left all alone. So being able to at least play the one or two songs at the five shows I did was severe closure for me.”

He later said, “If we did it the right way, yes. I can’t watch somebody… I will share the stage with Frank any day. I’ll do the ‘Appetite’ stuff, which is the great stuff anyways and the fun stuff anyways, and I’ll do the ‘Lies’ stuff, I’ll do a couple of ‘Illusions’ [songs], and let Frank, in the middle of the set, play the ‘Chinese Democracy’ stuff, some of the ‘Illusions’ stuff. If we split it, I wouldn’t mind sharing the stage with him at all. I mean, if that’s what it came down to, I’m cool with that. He’s a great guy. [But] I can’t [just play one or two songs per show anymore]. It’s just too hard. It’s too hard. I wanna play more, and I want Izzy to be there. It was the five of us that made magic, and I know we can make that magic again, ’cause it’s just who we are. Even though we’re twenty-five years older, I know if we got in a room together and started playing, it would be fucking magic.”

  • Bilbo

    Does anyone here still has any doubts that this “reunion” was nothing but Slash and Duff selling their souls to the devil, short-changing Adler and Izzy, and sucking Axl’s balls for money? Playing Chinese Democracy songs, charging criminal ticket prices? There is zero authenticity to these corporate nostalgia show, and I’m really getting disgusted at these guys by the day. I hope this money Slash and Duff are making are really worth it, because after the dust settles they will realise what they did…

    • Allison Auld

      Chinese Democracy songs are Guns N’ Roses songs. So they were recorded with a different lineup – they are still technically GN’R songs, released on a GN’R album. Axl worked for years on those songs (some of which are very good). Why shouldn’t they be played? They can play covers but they can’t play original GN’R songs?

      • IrregularJohn

        Are you from Axl’s management or something trying to do as much damage control as possible?

    • IrregularJohn

      I agree wholeheartedly. AFD songs don’t sound right being played by the current lineup in 2016 just as they didn’t sound right being played by the Sorum/Clarke lineup in ’91-93. And let’s face it UYI would’ve been much better off if it was twice as short and not superfluous overblown double LP that it is. Who even cares about Spaghetti?

  • Allison Auld

    So Axl is an introvert who prefers the company of other introverts? Anyone who is a true fan knows that – from his (few) interviews to the fact that he disappeared from the spotlight in the middle to late 90s. Being around Steven (an obvious extrovert) would be exhausting, particularly now that Axl is older. Besides, a number of great frontmen have had strong introverted sides – Scott Weiland, Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain. I think that’s part of what made/makes their performances so great. They explore that untapped part of themselves on the stage. Steven is “cutting off his nose to spite his face” (as my grandmother used to say) with these interviews, btw. NO WAY Axl will have him back now.

    • Allison Auld

      Also, I saw Guns in Philly last July. They were amazing. Would I have liked to have seen Steven (and Izzy)? Sure, but it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the show any. (I was really there to see and hear Axl anyway:)

  • IrregularJohn

    The only place Izzy & Steven don’t fit is Axl’s mind.