Robert Plant Reveals If He Actually Likes Mick Jagger


Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant recently made an appearance on BBC Radio, when he talked about The Rolling Stones, with one of the founder members was Mick Jagger. He reflected on how the band made a huge impact. Led Zeppelin had blocked a former member from using name.

Robert Plant opens up on Rolling Stones’ impact on his life

Singling out “Come On,” The Stones’ Chuck Berry cover and debut single back in 1963, as one of the tunes that changed his life, Plant said that he was attracted and obsessed by the music of Chicago and Mississippi and the Delta Blues.

He believes The Rolling Stones were one of the pioneers of bringing that type of music.

“I think on the English music scene, one of the main forerunners and purveyors of this music bringing it to us as early teenage kids was The Rolling Stones.”

“I do believe this was their first single if I remember right. It’s a cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Come On.’ It was just the beginning of their great career promoting and perhaps giving us inspiration for country blues and thicky blues of North America.”

Plant stated that people in America did not get the chance to experience such music and The Rolling Stones were the ones who brought the music to the country. He recalled witnessing them on a tour and calls it ‘an eye-opener’.

“I did actually see The Stones on a tour when the Everly Brothers had a record ‘Walk Right Back,’ they did a theater tour with Bo Diddley and Little Richard, and it was The Rolling Stones’ first-ever package tour.

“It was really an eye-opener, we were all leaning towards that music but nobody really had it down. I think in those days, The Stones were bringing the stone down the mountain, so that was really special.”