Steven Tyler Reveals A-List Actor Abused Heroin


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s interview with Howard Stern was aired on a summer vacation episode last week, and Tyler discussed getting high with the late John Belushi, who was killed by a heroin and cocaine overdose. Steven Tyler revealed what Aerosmith song he wrote high on drugs recently. recapped: Howard asked if he ever had to pay for drugs. Steven said he has. He said that it was usually people buying. He said that he would end up with John Belushi and he was able to just keep going and going. He said he would be shocked to see him standing after doing some stuff. He said he ended up in rehab himself.

Howard asked if he ever almost died. Steven said 3 or 4 times. He said that his friends would put him in a tub with cold water. He said that you just keep snorting and drinking and you don’t know if it’s too much. Steven said he doesn’t just stand on stage doing nothing. He said he moves around and that helps him stay in shape. Steven Tyler recently revealed a drug he used at a Jimi Hendrix show.

Howard asked if Steven is religious. Steven said he is. He said that he thinks that your soul goes somewhere. He said it goes somewhere. Howard asked if he saw anything when he almost died. Steven said he doesn’t think that he was that close to death. He said that he hasn’t been there yet. Howard said he really has been there and back.

Howard asked if he thinks that it’s just too much going on. Steven said he can handle it. He said the drama in his life used to be a 10 but now it’s like a 4. He said it used to go to 8 but then it would go back to 4. Steven Tyler abandoned a bad Aerosmith performance last week.