Stone Temple Pilots Singer Candidate Appears To Be Out: ‘Not A Weiland Clone, This Is About Honor’


John Borja’s friend skunkyfunk made several posts on Below Empty’s forums that appear to allude to Borja not getting the job singing for STP. Pete Murray and Jeff Gutt have been other names rumored to have auditioned, with a shot at being STP’s unnamed singer they are currently working with.

“Regarding Borja:

1) He IS NOT a Weiland Clone. Yes he does sing in a rock band doing covers 4-5x a week, prolly 40 songs a night for a measly $20 a night. That is a step up from his measly $8 per night shows. That is his source of living but…
2) He has been in MANY original music bands, INCLUDING METAL BANDS. This alone puts him in a different light and gives an additional palette for STP should they go heavier.
3) He also has a balladeer background. In his much earlier years (pre-teens and early teens), he had won singing contests for cheapass money singing the likes of James Ingram and those cheesey 80s music.
4) HE COMPOSES DIFFERENTLY but is more of a collaborator. (This I can discuss further if you are truly interested)
5) BORJA can do EVERYTHING STP can ask him to do, musically. Soft music? Go. Catalog? go. Heavy music? Go.

I just wish when we saw that Delta Deep Show last year at the Coach House, John showed himself sitting in the audience. We were at the farthest part from the stage. When we had the chance to meet Rob at the parking lot after the show (hence the photos) Rob said if he only knew John was in the audience, he would ask him to join up on stage and do a jam.”

“If you think Mick Blankenship was a better singer then you are entitled to that. I saw him as a bigger competitor than most of the other mentioned in the news as well. Still wondering why he did not get the call to do a live audition though.”

“BTW, there is absolutely no way Borja could have made it to the news other than catching many people’s attention. If that is not success in itself then I do not know what success is for a singer or musician (and this is no autotune baby you are talking about).

Dean mentioned that the band had a certain “criteria” how they selected the singers for auditions. At this point I am confused if “sending requested material” qualifies as an ‘audition’, or an audition simply means “being in the same room with the band”.

I wonder how everything went for everyone who had a callback or an email request.”

“What exactly does he mean by singer submissions?

I understand that some people who got a callback were given a chance to send in requested material. I dunno if that meant STP may consider choosing someone who merely does the auditions virtually (online) aside from those who make it in person.
This brings me to the question: when a singer makes a personal appearance, does he automatically not become a “singer submission” candidate? Because being a live auditionee and singer submission candidate are not mutually exclusive.

Anyway, are you excited? Stay put.”

“This is all about honor, not just to front one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the 90s, but also honor to word.”

HUTEYE posted:

“I have spoken to some industry insiders that told me”This was all a P.R. stunt.” I had to disagree with them after seeing the DeLeos at one of my band’s (3 DOLLAR MOLLY) shows at THE BEER COOLER, in Hillsdale, Indiana, on April 16th 2016. Too bad we had a bad night and murdered ‘Interstate Love Song’ along with many other songs,  in front of them. Didn’t realize they were in the room until the end of the show and I was far too blown away, embarrassed and disappointed to speak to Robert. Dean hid in the corner. We sucked left hind tit, ass and balls that night. Terrible! Actually the worst show we have ever played in our 3 year history. I’ve never mentioned this because I was told by another candidate, that released a story, I would hurt my chances. That was a long time ago. Or seems like it. I know the person who owns and runs the bar and asked for a copy of the surveillance footage of the DeLeo boys and if it had dawned on me 2 weeks sooner, I would have it. The bar only pays the security company to keep a backlog of less than a year.”
  • Josh Hutson

    Jesus Brett! Everyone has a bad night now and then. I hope. LOL! we did get the wrinkles ironed out eventually.

  • skunkproductions_manila

    Hi Brett. You should have just given me an Internet call if you wanted to know a few things.

  • Rocky Denney

    I got the call back, talked to grant alter then Avi at the management company, emailed for a year. Sent material in, etc. I’d be very interested to know how many others did this as well.