Van Halen Member May Be Lying About Reunion: ‘You Can’t Piss Off The Boss’


As rumors of a 2019 original Van Halen lineup reunion have run rampant, Michael Anthony recently denied the rumors to Premiere Radio, saying he hadn’t talked to the band in years. Popular radio host Eddie Trunk, who previously said he had heard rumors from sources about a reunion tour following David Lee Roth’s comments, said he isn’t completely buying Anthony’s denial. Alternative Nation transcribed his new comments from his SiriusXM radio program.

“As I just said, do you think Michael Anthony is going to tell me, Sal [from Premiere Radio], or Loudwire anyone else, ‘Yeah, by the way, I just talked to the guys, we’re rehearsing right now. The tour gets announced new years day, we’re going out with such and such! Go ahead, and say it!’ Of course not! So here is overreaction the other way, because Michael essentially pleaded the fifth, which you would completely expect him to do, what is he going to do? If you are told not to say anything, you can’t say anything! ‘Now it’s off, now it’s over, there’s nothing to it.’ It’s ridiculous. Oh my god, this is what I mean, is when you read through whether it be Twitter, which I favor, or any of the social media outlets or websites, when it is on the web and you see these headlines and stuff, you’ve got to consider it for what it is.

You’ve got to take a beat and really think about it. So two days ago, ‘Confirmed! Van Halen reunion full go, stadiums.’ You got a date with Foo Fighters at Yankee Stadium, Michael Anthony to, ‘No, not happening, Michael Anthony said he hasn’t heard from anybody.’ Of course! The ring and yang here is ridiculous, just take a second and apply some logic to it. Is the guy that has been out of the band forever, if he was back in the band, do you really think he’s the one who is going to break the news ahead of an official statement?”

He later said, “With guys, even if you know them, aren’t going to show their hand. I’ll give you one more, Ace Frehley. Everybody knows I’m tight with Ace. Ace Frehley leading into the KISS reunion didn’t tell me it was happening. I mean, I am close with the guys, I signed him to his record deal back in the day, his solo deal. I went to the Unplugged, I was in the audience of the MTV Unplugged, 3 or 4 days before that happened. I wasn’t saying anything (laughs). You don’t want to get off on the wrong foot leaking something, so just keep all of this in perspective both ways. Don’t get too high, don’t get too low on anything.”

Trunk also speculated about maybe an announcement very early in the new year, especially with the band having announced their album A Different Kind of Truth in January 2012.

He also said about Anthony’s reunion denial on his show, “You really think he is going to mess it up by telling me or anyone else in advance of when the band wants to release it? Come on, you can’t put people in positions like that, of course they’re going to deny, deny, deny until it can come out, if there’s anything going on.”

“You’re not going to jeopardize pissing off the boss, in this case that would be Eddie Van Halen, if you’ve got something cooking, a multimillion operation.”