Tool Fans React To Release Of Reported New Album IllutionWorld


A Google alert went out today to Tool fans reporting that a new album by the band titled IllutionWorld was released today featuring the songs Illution Pt. 2, Tosis, and Chillin&emo.

It turns out it is actually a new album from a rapper named TOOL$. Psycho-Tic posted on Twitter in response, “Google nearly gave me a heart attack when they sent me a notification saying ‘New Album by Tool.’ Turns out it’s from some soundcloud rapper named TOOL$. OK @Google, go fuck yourself.”

hellboy1975 posted on Reddit, “Subsequent posts about this ‘news’ will be removed.

It’s a very safe assumption that the first news you hear of an actual Tool album will come from official sources, not from a message pushed to you via Android.””

HostageofGeography posted on Reddit, “I was kind of liking their new sound: 😀 Must admit that notification freaked me the f out, but Reddit came to the rescue when I couldn’t think logically and was contemplating cancelling all my work meetings, and booking the week off to lock myself in a room to listen to these new tracks. Thank you for saving me from this, Reddit.”

View the news alert below.

  • nos

    takes a special kind of stupid foe people to actually think this was Tool’s new album. not to mention Tool’s albums aren’t even available on google play which is where these notifications came from.

  • Stone Gossardish

    The fact that someone still cares about Tool is in itself pretty impressive. Don’t see much chatter for Blues Traveler these days, or other acts of that era.

    • nos

      ….90% of the articles on this site are about bands from that era

    • Kevin Benoit

      Well Tool is a pretty famous band with a lot of good timeless songs. I personally have never heard of Blues Traveler and am guessing you just picked that name to make Tool seem irrelevant.

      • Ian

        Blues Traveler is a sweet band

  • Ian

    There’s no new rapper, this was clearly a prank by the members of Tool with Googles help. Why would google send out a mass message for an unknown soundcloud rapper? Not to mention, if you google the supposed rappers name, Natthapan Kongkasem the only 3 links that appear are to the site hosting his album. Also the songs are just gibberish lyrics that make no sense, just sounds like someone making weird noises over a beat. Tool is kind of beating a dead horse with all these dumb jokes they do over the years.

    • nos

      gibberish lyrics/different language. almost the same thing. it alsowasa released in april. googles algorithm just fucked up

  • David-Michael n wallace

    Fake news

  • Jesse

    Bro wtf I was searching for it …I checked google play music nothing…3 searches later on other apps the google it and I find this article.. fuck you Google!