The Offspring Member Reveals Billy Corgan Is Wrong


In a recent online rendezvous with fans on his X account, Noodles, the adept guitarist of The Offspring, ventured into the enigmatic world of conspiracy theories and theorists. Eager to engage with his audience, he posed thought-provoking questions, asking how they navigate discussions with friends and family who harbor a penchant for conspiracy theories. Additionally, he inquired about their favored and despised conspiracy theories, offering his own personal preferences.

“How do you have a rational conversation with friends and family who are conspiracy theorists? Sidebar, what is/are your least/most favorite conspiracy theory/theories? Personally, I love Bigfoot and some alien stuff. The rest all mostly suck ass.”

As reported by Rock Celebs – Amidst the engaging dialogue, one fan shared an intriguing tidbit—Smashing Pumpkins’ frontman, Billy Corgan, and his unique theory regarding the correlation between guitar paint colors and sound. Corgan’s hypothesis, as the fan conveyed, posits that the hue of a guitar’s paint can influence its sonic characteristics. Describing it as “harmlessly ridiculous,” the fan shed light on Corgan’s musings during an interview with Guitar Center in 2018.

“People think I’m a bit goofy, but I do think paint color actually changes the sound of a guitar. I’ve found through the years that certain paints sound different, so the white Reverend, I think, sounds better. I have a couple of other ones, but this one seems to sound the best.” – Billy Corgan

When presented with Corgan’s theory, Noodles expressed his uncertainty, contemplating the possibility of pigment weight affecting sound as per the theory. Drawing from his own experiences, he brought up the impact of duct tape on the sound of his guitars, adding a personal touch to the conversation.

“I’m not sure about that one. If the pigment of one color is heavier than another, then Billy’s theory could absolutely be correct. The duct tape on some of my guitars definitely changed the sound. In a good way!” – Noodles

Noodles’ musings not only illuminated his engagement with fans but also revealed a glimpse of the intriguing world where music, conspiracy theories, and innovative guitar theories converge. The intersection of art and intrigue continues to captivate, leaving us eagerly anticipating what musical or intellectual adventures Noodles and his ilk will embark upon next.