Tool Reveal How Much Maynard James Keenan Is Paid


Tool have revealed that while some lead singers are able to get a bigger share of the money, Maynard James Keenan is an equal member in financial splits, getting 1/4 just like his bandmates. Keenan ripped a Tool boycott yesterday.

Justin Chancellor told Ernie Ball’s new the Striking a Chord podcast, “There’s many answers to that, but fortunately, everything is split four ways, we’re four equal members, nobody calls the shots, everything is done by a vote, everything is… I guess you could call it a democracy. For us, to this date now, we’re so excited that we’ll release the album, that’s probably the hardest period to come through.

When you’re all getting older, you’ve had success to a good degree, everyone’s thinking about maybe doing their own things, I mean, Maynard’s done a bunch of his things as well, and so there could be a point where it’s, like, ‘Is it worth it? Do I want to move on?’

Tool were recently asked about the Rock Hall of Fame. Chancellor added, “But I think everyone realizes that this is completely unique, I mean, with 25 years in, you’re pretty much quite a bit through your lifespan, you know, and to think that you’ve been part of something very unique like this is something to be cherished and kept very sacred.

Another thing is, everyone is a tough one, because we’re all artists and musicians, you have to keep your egos in check, you start to think it’s about you and your thing and you find out very quickly when you go out on your own, ‘Oh, it’s not quite as good as it was with those other guys.'”

Alleged Tool tour fraud was called out last week. Treverlkc posted a ‘7’ new Tool album Fear Inoculum theory on Reddit, “Remember how 7 was supposed to play a big part in this album? Culling Voices mainly stays in 6/4 throughout, and only changes to 11/4 and 8/4 towards the ending riffs after both repeats of ‘Don’t you dare point that at me.’ Both time signature changes are barely noticeable and seamlessly transition right back into 6/4, if you’re not listening carefully.

I know the community has been making this track out to be ‘The Underdog’ of the album, but I have a theory how this song may be playing a much bigger part in this album than once thought before, on a musical, narrative, and thematic basis.

Along with the track not having a bar of 7/4, we can also consider its placement in the track listing. In the Digital Version 10-track listing, it is listed as Track #7. (Odd right?) If we consider CCTrip as an interlude (As there were four interludes created), there are 6 main tracks on the album. (FI, Pneuma, Invincible, Descending, CV, 7empist)

That’s not all. I may even have a theory on how this ties into the artwork. If you recall on the booklet pages, right before the portraits of each band member are shown, each see through page has a different version of a 7 sided star. When you turn the page, you are greeted by a painting of one of the members. Each of them is surrounded by a similar designed star than on the see through page, only, IT’S 6 SIDED!

Accounting for all these facts, (And the lyrical content) I think this track may be the basis of “humanity” within this album. As the band said that 7 is an unnatural, holy number, the number 6 could be a representation of our humanity, and facing oneself. (As described within the lyrics of the song.)”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Justin Chancellor’s Striking a Chord comments, and you can listen to the interview on Spotify.