AC/DC Family React To Brian Johnson Bombshell Rumor


AC/DC new album and tour rumors with Brian Johnson returning to front the band have run rampant in recent weeks, and a relative of Phil Rudd’s is now weighing in, with andersonct sharing a screenshot of a meme that they posted on our favorite website AC/DC Fans.

The meme says, “Me raiding Area 51 and finding the new AC/DC album instead of aliens.” It also says, “I came searching for copper and found gold.” The reaction to the meme from the relative is, “Hahahahahaha.”

AC/DC have been very active on social media recently after remaining silent after wrapping up the ‘Rock or Bust’ tour in 2016 with Axl Rose on lead vocals. Rose took over for Brian Johnson earlier in 2016 after he suffered from hearing issues, but Johnson’s condition has reportedly improved in the last few years, with Johnson making surprise performances including an appearance with Muse a couple of years ago.

AC/DC were rumored to be recording a Malcolm Young tribute album last year in Vancouver, and they have recently hinted at a Highway to Hell 40th anniversary celebration, though they haven’t specified any reissue or tour plans yet, despite heavy rumors from a radio station that they would announce something this month.