Howard Stern Reveals Disgusting Ozzy Osbourne Secret


Howard Stern revealed a hot or gross secret (it’s all up to your interpretation) about how he loved watching Ozzy Osbourne shirtless showing off his body on his show on Monday. Howard Stern also made a bold AC/DC revelation this week. recapped: After the break they played Black Sabbath’s ”Paranoid” as they were coming back. Howard asked if there’s anything better than this. He said he doesn’t think so. He said he likes when Ozzy would take off his shirt and run around on stage back when he was in his prime. Howard said he was awesome.

He said just listen to this. He asked if you like solo Ozzy or Black Sabbath Ozzy. Fred said he likes this. He said this was the number one album of all time. He said they came up with this song last minute and it’s the number 1 metal song of all time. He said he has to get Brent to check that stat but he thinks that’s what it is. Ozzy Osbourne’s family recently reacted to a report about how much money they have.

Howard started the show talking about how there was a question about if they were going to send their crew to The Gathering for Insane Clown Posse. He said they are not. He said they have done it for two years so they will not be going this time. He said he loves the Juggalos and Insane Clown Posse. He said he wasn’t too sure if Shaggy 2 Dope was white or black. Robin said she was sure he was white.

Stern discussed Insane Clown Posse on his show on Tuesday. Howard played one of their songs called I’m Gonna Kill You. He said they also have Santa’s a Fat Bitch. He played a little bit of that too. Howard said they are not going to The Gathering this year. He said it’s absolute chaos as they have learned in the past couple of years. Robin said there’s a lot of public sex going on there.

Howard said Wolfie went 2 years in a row. He said he has a montage of things that happened there in the past. Howard played a clip of Wolfie asking people what the craziest things were there at The Gathering. There were all kinds of crazy stories about people getting stabbed and things like that.

Howard said every band playing sounds crazier than the next. He played a clip of an announcer naming the bands. There were some really obscure bands and then C&C Music Factory was thrown in there. Robin said she doesn’t think they’re going to do well there.

Howard said they do have some interesting things going on at these events. He said maybe they will go. He played a clip of an announce naming some of the things they’ll be doing there. They have all kinds of games and events there.

Howard said he likes that whole thing. He said it sounds like fun. Robin said no it doesn’t. Howard said they have an act called Clownvis who dresses like Elvis in clown makeup. He said just wait until you hear the headliner. He played a clip of that being announced. They have Gilbert Gottfried there. Howard asked if he knows he’s involved. Robin said that really is insane. Howard said they live up to their name. He said they always try to outdo themselves. He said you have to give that to them. Howard asked how long Gilbert will last on stage. Robin said maybe 10 seconds.