AC/DC First 2020 Tour Dates With Brian Johnson Leak


AC/DC‘s first Australian 2020 tour date at the end of October 2020/beginning of November will be at the MCG in Melbourne, Australia, according to Eddie McGuire on Triple M radio. There was talk of the show celebrating the 40th anniversary of Back in Black. AC/DC recently confirmed their 2020 touring lineup.

Hugo Sepulveda posted on the AC/DC Market Place, “HEYA FOLKS, you wanna hear my opinion regarding the latest rumors? OK, as you see, I didn’t post nothing about it…reason? We will see/hear/read…hopefully something official very soon. Time is running out…I know..we waited a few years now. But as you know..END GOOD, ALL GOOD. Let’s wait a bit more…IN ROCK WE TRUST. Have a great weekend each one of you…”

TryioToast posted on, “Public Domain so sharing here. Some people may call out Hugo as unreliable as a source. However, the amount of people chattering right now is filling me with cautious optimism.”

Meanstreak commented, “Hugo Sepulveda writes: I didn’t know nothing about it….Is Hugo a child of Manuel from Faulty Towers?”

HighVoltage said, “This has got somewhat off topic but there is a correlation between AC/DC & Australian Rules Football. Both started out as a small Australian institution to go on & become the best in the world. For those of you outside of Australia not familiar with our great game, I urge you to ignore previous comments & check it out. You will find that our favourite game (much like our favourite band) is the very best there is.”

Brad’s AC/DC responded, “After reading what you were saying I thought for sure you must have been talking about Rugby League (NRL) or Cricket… 😉 AC/DC are great! Let’s just agree on that mate :-).” An AC/DC member recently posted a ‘skinny’ Angus Young photo.