Michael Jackson Daughter Makes Creepy Freddie Mercury Claim


Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson recently called out a rude fan and discussed Freddie Mercury working with her father on Twitter. Michael Jackson’s daughter revealed a photo ‘dating’ a member of The Beatles a few days ago.

“My Dad worked with Freddie Mercury of Queen, another legendary rock band. Lmaooo. And of course one my favorite human beings in the whole universe, Paul McCartney of The Beatles. In my mind they transcend rock’n’roll but are still considered by the world to be one of the most renowned and distinguished rock bands in the entire world.” In another tweet she told fans to ‘smoke and chill.’ She said you’re ‘allowed to be angry’ about injustice, but to not get violent. A fan told her, “A wise person once told me nothing really matters, took me a long time to find the truth in his words.” Paris responded, “Freddie Mercury or Metallica?”

Freddie Mercury Club recently posted a rare photo of Freddie signing an autograph for a fan at a hotel in Japan on tour in 1982. “Would you like an autograph from Freddie? Just imagine standing there handing him the pen (as your fingers touch for a second) and watch him write a few words for you in his beautiful handwriting with the most adorable and graceful smile on his gorgeous face…

His reflection in the mirror in that light makes it all the more endearing and divine. Also that’s the kind of chandelier I wanna swing from 🎶…and you know who I would want to catch me after I fall (ok I’m stopping now).

The autograph reads: ‘Love and kisses to all Music Life Honies.’ P.S. Good luck staring and zooming in at these photos for the next few hours as you try not to die of jealousy 😩 Freddie Mercury during an interview and photo session for ‘Music Life’ magazine, on Queen’s Hot Space Japan tour at a hotel in Fukuoka, Japan, 19 October 1982. Courtesy of Andy Fox and photographed by Koh Hasebe. Edited by me.” A sad Freddie Mercury ‘skin’ photo after he got AIDS was recently revealed.