Gene Simmons Daughter Backside Photo With Blonde Leaks


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons looks absolutely ravishing and striking in this newly released photo with blonde hair where she looks like a vintage femme fatale! Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed if this famous man is big. Taking to social media via Instagram the daughter of the KISS co-founder, Sophie Simmons posted this photo of her not looking out of place in an old film noir, holding a cigarette in an old fashioned cigarette holder and wearing this dazzling leopard print jacket which is draped across her shoulder as she smiles for the camera. You can view the photo below. The daughter of Gene Simmons recently showed off her abs in this shirt.

In other KISS related news, fans on the band’s subreddit discussed what their least favorite song off the first six KISS studio albums. There have been many interesting responses so far.

LolliPopinski said:

“Love Theme From KISS: I don’t hate it, but personally I feel it’s the weakest track on the album, this is including Kissin’ Time (it’s so stupidly cheesy, I can’t help but smile each time I hear them sing “USA”)

Goin’ Blind: Same as Love Theme, not a bad song, but I feel like Got to Choose is the superior slow rocker song

Anything for my Baby: Honestly, it’s pretty forgettable for me, heck it even starts with the same drum intro as RRAN

Great Expectations: Ezrin tried too hard to emulate his success with Pink Floyd with this track

Baby Driver: I personally feel it’s one of the weakest songs KISS has done. Period. It’s just so repetitive, the only saving grace is Ace’s lead guitar work

Tomorrow and Tonight: Not a bad song, but definitely the weakest track on Love Gun, it sounds so much better on Alive II”

Gene Simmons’ daughter is begging for help in these sad photos. NYTX1987 posted:

1.Love Theme From Kiss


3.Two Timer

4. Great Expectations

5.Making Love

6. Shock Me. There, I said it. I feel a great weight off of me that I could finally admit that.

Love Gun is probably my favorite record they did. Shock Me isn’t a bad song, I just thought it didn’t hold up as well as others. Rocket ride, his solo album, most of the songs he did on unmasked I thought were better.