AC/DC Icon Drops ‘Last Tour’ With Axl Rose Bombshell


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans posted a cryptic article about Axl Rose replacing Brian Johnson on the ‘last Australian tour.’ An Angus Young ‘auditioning’ with a new AC/DC singer claim was just revealed.

The translated quote states, “Rock FM, Spain – why did they catch axl rose instead of the original AC / DC singer? The founding member did not replace Brian Johnson in the last Australian tour.”

Dave Evans is widely popular by his fans on Facebook and social media, but there are some haters of the iconic AC/DC singer on Carwyn0 said, “Everyone defending Dave Evans; the man has an agenda and has an inflated ego the size of Australia. He’s borderline delusional, and his act is abysmally sad to watch. He’s bitter, jealous and unbelievably self centered.

I’ve spoken to him a few times via social media. Most recently, I put it straight to him and got no reply after that. He’s a fucking cringeworthy joke. As I told him, sharing the stage with acdc would be a f**king honor and privilege, he should be so lucky. He’s undermined the band with snide and passive aggressive remarks ever since he left, all the while putting on this cringe grandad rock act about how he founded the band, agreed to the name, how Malcolm and Angus were always in the wrong etc. I’m surprised he hadn’t got ‘EX-ACDC SINGER’ plastered all over his social media, oh wait..”

Despite this statement, Evans still does highly successful solo tours, and is currently one of the top AC/DC related live acts on the planet, along with the Chris Slade Timeline. An AC/DC icon recently made a bold claim about Angus Young as a teenage boy.