AC/DC Icon Heartbreaking ‘Wheelchair’ Photo Leaks


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade recently posted a painful photo of bandmate Axl Rose in a wheelchair from their last tour. Slade wrote, “BIRTHDAY GREETINGS today to AXL ROSE ⚡#axlrose #gunsnroses #ACDC.” AC/DC ‘removing’ a singer before Angus Young’s big tour announcement was just revealed.

TryioToast posted on recently about the band’s most recent album Rock or Bust, “I love the album. We can all have differing opinions here and I respect you all for having them.

I love the album for two reasons mainly. The first is analytical and the second is purely nostalgic.

Firstly, it sounds very fresh and energetic and I love that sound. It makes a good album to rock out to while boozing. I think Brian and Angus sound great and Rudd’s engineer clicking copy and paste every 5 seconds sounds good too!

Second, it was the first album I had the chance to properly experience the hype up to its release, so naturally holds a place in my heart.”

Spellbound said, “Lyrics don’t make the song. Riffs don’t make the song. It’s the sum of all parts. Which is a musically brilliant song like The Honey Roll gets shit on for its terribad lyrics, and why Ain’t No Fun just isn’t what it could be despite fantastic. Lyrics, due to riff being the same riff that is almost half of the album. And when you compare ROB to the nonsensical nonsense that’s on BI, and the harder sound + better riffs, it’s goddamn fine album for what it is and I will continue to stick by that.”

900 wrote, “To me, RoB had a nice focus. Although songs are too short, a sense of ‘let’s get it done’ (though there are a few decent intros and breakdowns), perhaps aside from Rock n Roll Thunder it sounds like a good selection of natural-sounding AC/DC songs. Whereas BI had plenty of those, but a fair few which sounded either out of place or overworked.

I’m surprised RoB divides opinion as much as it does. It’s much, much better than I’d expected, even though it could have been quite a lot better with a different producer. (But then we might have lost the good things BoB does bring to the party).” An AC/DC member being ‘banned’ from touring was just revealed.