AC/DC ‘Banned’ Member From Reunion Tour Revealed


AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was previously banned from touring in the United States due to legal issues, but according to Dee Snider, that is no longer the case. Jimmy Page brutally disrespecting an AC/DC member was just revealed.

A fan named Ben tweeted Snider, mistaking Rudd for bassist Cliff Williams, “[A tour is] nothing more than hearsay at the moment. Plus, Cliff wont be granted a visa for the US as has a criminal record.”

Snider then indicated that multiple members of the band have told him that they will tour, with Rudd, Brian Johnson, and Cliff Williams reuniting with Angus Young. Snider told the fan, “I believe you mean Phil. And I hearsay from band members.”

Snider also said he wants AC/DC to play the Super Bowl halftime show in 2021, and fans reacted on Reddit.

MHiltonMusic posted, “They’d have to do it only under the condition that they can actually perform live. Normally these acts use a combination of live singing and lip syncing, and the backing band is ALMOST NEVER allowed to play live. I don’t want to see them at the Super Bowl if that’s what’s gonna happen.”

Twoquarters responded, “Should have done it 20 years ago but not now, especially since we have no idea if the band viable going forward.

Guns N Roses might have an outside shot since they were involved in another event in Miami but I think the Super Bowl has moved on from rock.”

ThePooHole said, “Didn’t they already say no to it in an interview years ago? They dont like that sort of thing because they dont want to be the piss break act.” An AC/DC icon brutally disrespecting a waiter at a restaurant was just revealed.