AC/DC Icon Reacts To Disgusting Hotel Room Claim


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson’s widely acclaimed series ‘A Life On The Road’ will make its American television premiere on Sunday, Sept. 15 at 9pE/6pP on AXS TV, featuring an interview with legendary The Police frontman Sting. Johnson and Sting discussed the inspiration for hit track by The Police, Roxanne, which came from a seedy hotel stay and encounter with prostitutes by Sting. Due to demands when it came to money at the time, all three Police members were forced to share the disgusting hotel bedroom. An AC/DC icon recently savagely called out his girlfriend at the club. Mike Mazzarone wrote this report.

Johnson: You were on the road and as you know when you’re on the road you usually write more because there is nothing else to do.

Sting: I was in Paris and I was staying in a little hotel by the garden, a really flea-bitten place. I think there was one room between the three of us. There was an alley-way behind the station where Ladies of the Night were and I’ve actually never seen that before, I was actually very naive. I was actually very intrigued with that world and what would it be like to have a relationship with one of these women. So it’s really a “pimp song” I suppose.

Johnson: I know when you’re on the road you thrive on it because the songs came one after the other.

Sting: There was another song as well called “So Lonely” and the way I was singing “So Lonely” sounded like “So Lowly”. Brian Johnson revealed a terrible Jimi Hendrix rejection story as well on the show. Johnson is rumored to reunite with Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd for a new album and tour in 2020.