AC/DC Icon Savagely Calls Out Girlfriend At Club


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans revealed that the late Malcolm Young was furious when ex-drummer Colin Burgees would show up to clubs with multiple girlfriends, claiming he was a bit jealous. An AC/DC icon revealed his terrible paychecks from the band yesterday.

When asked about the relationship between Malcolm Young and original Drummer Colin Burgees, Evans told The Metal Voice, “Malcolm and I were very close, we wrote songs together and we used to hang out together. But he did get a little jealous with the AC/DC drummer at the time Colin Burgess.

Colin would walk into a club with a girl on each arm, I thought it was great, but Malcolm really didn’t like it, he was a bit jealous. After Colin left the band Malcolm was like that a bit towards me, which was sad because I thought a lot of Malcolm.”

The Metal Voice noted that Colin was fired for being out of it on some kind of drug after he collapsed while playing his drums on stage. AC/DC have been recently celebrating the 40th anniversary of ‘Highway to Hell’ with posts including a cryptic video, and there have been rumors of an AC/DC tour and new album with Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams returning to the band. AC/DC’s real reason for firing Brian Johnson in 2016 was recently revealed. AC/DC were spotted recording in AC/DC last year, with Angus Young and Stevie Young also in the studio.