AC/DC Member Is Bald In Stunning New Bar Photos


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has revealed some great new bar drinking photos on tour. He wrote, “Rellaxing after a long drive in delightful Martigny Switzerland and looking forward to performing at Foire du Valais tonight at 7.30pm..See you later! …,⚡BritPop #calmbeforethestorm Dwdrums Kemper Amps #musicmanguitars #chrisslade #ACDC #classicrock.” An AC/DC icon was stunned by a big name disturbing car accident report.

AC/DC fans on looked back at Rock or Bust for reference on the rumored new album that will reunite Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil rudd.

Geordie_boot_boy posted, “Did really ACDC ever announce the were going in the studio, I mean I know Brian may have let it drop on a few radio interviews for ROB and BI but I don’t recall anything else? Even then Brian was cagey eg boys getting back together, or gonna have a ‘plonk’ see what happens.”

Brian Johnson’s status as AC/DC singer was confirmed earlier this week. bonlives responded, “Not in recent times. I recall Fifa Ricobono, former CEO of Albert Productions and close family friend of the Youngs, saying on record that the band were ready to record but hadn’t entered the studio – that was a good 2 years *before* Black Ice came out. That’s as official as it comes. I seem to recall something official coming out several months before Black Ice was released saying that the album had been recorded – but can’t recall the source.”

CliffFINmark2 chimed in, “Dave Evans embarks on a tour of Finland next week. Playing for example the volentary firefighters hall in turku. Now as we are in the speculation thread. Could he be warming up for something bigger? Like Slade did with Timeline? I might go and see him. He is playing with his band Finnish Badasses.” An AC/DC member driving a ridiculous car was revealed a few days ago.