AC/DC Singer Spotted Driving Ridiculous Car


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson was on a ‘highway to hell’ with his first car. AXS TV’s official Twitter account posted a series of rapid-fire style questions with former AC/DC lead singer and current “Life On The Road” host – Brian Johnson. An AC/DC icon was photographed with four women at a hotel. The video, entitled, “Brian Johnson’s Rock and Roll Firsts” recalls several moments throughout the AC/DC icon’s life including his first car. Brian Johnson revealed a ‘miserable failure’ last week. 

As the iconic frontman recalls:

“My first car was a car my father bought for me for my seventeenth birthday – it was a Ford Popular, sit up and beg! It was a side-valve engine and it couldn’t pull ya cap off! It had three forward gears and one reverse, beige on the outside with a salmon-pink interior. It was probably the lousiest motorcar [that I ever drove]. At thirty miles per hour, it sounded like a dog with its tongue hanging out. This fucking thing didn’t move at all. Yet, it was freedom, I didn’t have to wait for a bus anymore. This was freedom, this was fantastic. Even if kids on bicycles raced passed you on the street, it was my first car.”

In other AC/DC news, fans on the upcoming AC/DC fan forum was discussing the merits of AC/DC’s 1985 studio album “Fly on the Wall” and if the album still holds up today.

Gaolbreak said: “Love Fly. A great fun, dumb, rockin party album.”

Geordie_boot_boy posted: “It has a rogueish charm. Sink the Pink is a particular highlight. However, when I first put the album on I thought there was a problem with the speakers – I’m like it sounds all muddy.”

An AC/DC icon recently revealed a creepy Angus Young photo. Cannon chipped in by saying: “I know the crowd of “the worst AC/DC is better than anything else” drives folks nuts, but I don’t believe they have one album that is not at least a “good” rock album based on its own merits, including Fly. When you consider they have some of the best albums in all of rock history and start comparing their catalog within itself…..then some such as Fly tumble fast. I like the songs, but it’s hard to understand how the band did their own producing on Flick, then came to the sound of Fly 2 years later. Fly is not my go-to album in the car driving or in my home. However, for some reason I absolutely love it cranked as loud as it will go when working out in the gym. Dumb fun is a great description. I guess everything has its place.”