Eddie Van Halen Kisses Famous Man In Leaked Photos


Eddie Van Halen had some fun with his pal Derek Sherinian at a 2006 party, giving him a big kiss on the cheek in recently unearthed rare photos. Eddie Van Halen’s wife revealed a ‘terrifying’ photo yesterday.

Sherinian tweeted, “On this Day 9/30/2006: @eddievanhalen hosts a launch party called ‘The Gathering’ for Sacred Sin at his house in Los Angeles, California. @BrianTichy.”

Brian Tichy responded, “Did you ever think you’d be kissed by Eddie Van Halen?” Brett Ecklund said, “Even though I wasn’t at the party, this day is still memorable for me, because when the Starfuckers canceled their weekly gig at the Cat Club to party with Ed,

I was asked to fill in, and made my Hollywood debut headlining the Cat Club on Sunset! When I was at the club the week before, (handing out flyers), Eddie was there hanging out. Lemmy and a bunch of others were there too. Billy Idol sat in with the Star**ers and sang ‘Jump’ and ‘Highway Star.’ It was awesome.”

Van Halen fans discussed the band’s rumored breakup on VHLinks.com. DRFC posted, “I can’t believe it was just 10 months ago that Dave said VH is 100 days away and were thinking about Yankee Stadium.”

rchop84 responded, “Yeah..but I’ll never believe that reunion stuff was initiated by Ed. I think it was all Dave and his team and was presented to Ed and Al and they said, yeah, f that.”

Dave’s Dreidel chimed in, “I think it was Azoff wanting to make a lot of fucking money, and Dave wanting to be out there doing something (and making a shit pot of money), and Ed and Al at the end saying ‘nah, we’re good.'”

edwardv concluded, “We all know Azoff worships the buck but the real payday with a CVH reunion and a set by both singers on the same stage, tour and cd will never happen now. But I bet he tried! Poor Irv what a ticket bastard.” Michael Anthony reacted to a photo that snubbed David Lee Roth a few days ago.