AC/DC Member Confirms Stunning Firing In Studio


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson revealed that Roger Waters fired Rick Wright from Pink Floyd for failing to be a good songwriter in the studio. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson’s remarks from ‘A Life on the Road’ on AXS TV.

“The Wall was one of the most ambitious rock shows ever, but it was very much Roger Waters’ personal project, but it marked a rift between him and the rest of the band. Waters even fired founding member Rick Wright, claiming he was making no contribution to the songwriting.”

AC/DC fans discussed rumors of the band delaying their new album that reunites Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams. Briany posted on, “What I say is – do not be sad if the band doesn’t come out with another album and tour. The amount of dismay over the lack of a new album and tour is kind of funny, because any new album is bound to become another latter-day piece of a quality that will be endlessly debated, not some late-career masterpiece. So, losing that is no huge loss when you pull back and look at the whole picture.

In fact, the lack of an album probably isn’t even the source of the woe. It’s just that people want to know their favourite band is still going. But we always knew the day of hanging it up would come sooner or later. Painful, but unavoidable.”

900 responded, “Although that’s true in many ways, don’t forget that for a good amount of us, RoB’s a great record, and BI mostly pretty good as well. IF (and it is an ‘if’) they recorded songs close to the best on the last two albums, I for one would be sad at the idea of those never being released. All that said, RoB was a huge bonus. I remember having doubts they’d even make BI.”