AC/DC Member Reveals Why New Singer Is ‘Going Down’


Former AC/DC drummer Chris Slade revealed why ‘it’s all downhill from here’ for his Chris Slade Timeline singer Bun Davis in a new message on social media.

Slade said, “HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY last weekend to our singer BUN DAVIS….from Slade and all your bandmates in THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE #itsalldownhillfromnow #halfcentury.”

He also wrote, “The Station Cannock Friday 7th February. Get up close and personal to the legendary AC/DC drummer Chris Slade And His Timeline band!!!⚡ Tickets only £13 so buy fast as this will sell out.A must for AC/DC fans.”

Angus Young calling out new AC/DC album disrespect was just revealed. Alex Lebanon posted on recently, “Does Back In Black’s colossal familiarity/ubiquity = you listen to it less? I realized the other day that I listen to BIB quite rarely even though, no doubt, it’s one of the greatest albums of all time never mind one of AC/DC’s. I listen to FTATR and Flick way way more and yet they’re half the albums BIB is, and that’s being generous.

The difference is that BIB is one of those records that’s always with us – always being played somewhere – in a pub, a film soundtrack, on the radio etc. and maybe that means it feels like I get my BIB fix just out and about in everyday life. But on closer analysis I realise that’s nuts because it’s really only BIB (the song) and YSMALNL that you hear frequently, with maybe STT and RNRANP getting the odd play here and there. So here’s to BIB on heavy rotation in 2020, fittingly of course as its the 40th anniversary. Anyway, just to get the party started…”

Rocco responded, “BIB is actually still the album I listen most to. I also found a renewed love for YSMANL, which for a long time I really had a hard time to listen to since it’s so overplayed. But nowadays I just enjoy how good a song it is. But STT and LMPMLIY are probably my favourite tracks on it. LMPMLIY is so underrated. It probably has Brian’s best vocal performance on any AC/DC song ever.”

Jack B. Nimble chimed in, “I listen to it rarely. It’s a fine album, but overplayed. It doesn’t do much of anything for me anymore.” Angus Young dropped an AC/DC tour bombshell after rumors of Brian Johnson returning.