Angus Young Calls Out New AC/DC Album Disrespect


AC/DC members Angus Young and the late Malcolm Young discussed reissues of records not having certain songs after a mistake by their record company in a never before published online Classic Rock Magazine interview from

The interviewer said, “Yet despite all this repackaging, the track Crabsody In Blue is still missing from Let There Be Rock, and Powerage continues exclude Cold Hearted Man.”

The answer was, “Is that right? That’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

The interviewer shot back, “Absolutely. Those tracks are on the old vinyl albums, but they’re missing from the supposedly definitive CD editions.”

Followed by another answer, “There’s been a lot of confusion in the past as to what came out in Australia, America and in Europe. Some albums were missing certain tracks. But I know we laid everything out for [Epic] – spot-on for them. We made it clear that [the versions for each territory] should all be the same. If that’s not the case we’ll get it sorted out.”

Angus Young calling out an AC/DC member for ‘not having a job’ was detailed a couple of weeks ago. Crapnote posted on Reddit about the possible future of AC/DC, “None of us are getting any younger, but I don’t ever want AC/DC to die. They can always find replacements, right? Could AC/DC still exist 300 years from now?”

LoneStarG84 responded, “AC/DC has always been owned solely by the Young brothers. Every other member, even Bon and Brian, worked for Angus and Malcolm. When Angus is ready to call it quits, that will almost certainly be the end of AC/DC. Do we really want to see a version of the band without Angus? There’s always the tribute bands, some of which do a fantastic job.

I actually have thought of this question before: whether or not certain bands could technically live forever as long as members keep getting replaced. Molly Hatchet is still out there touring, even though none of its current members were present when their biggest hits were made.”

Saman65 chimed in, “We have had this technology we do today for two decades more or less so I think it is hard to predict how to future is gonna pay attribute to 20th and 21st century’s artists.”

He later added, “Queen will forever be my fav band and AC DC will be my fav rock and roll band. Oh I’m thirty and yeah pretty much 90% of the musics I like are from not currently active artists. The only exception being Lianne La Havas! Jeez my back and neck still hurt from banging to AC DC three days ago for a couple hours! But if I don’t shake it now, like you said, I’m ain’t getting any younger so…” Angus Young revealing a miserable Brian Johnson lie was recently detailed.