AC/DC Member Rumored To Quit Before Reunion Tour


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade referred to himself as the ‘current’ drummer of the band in a new solo concert promotional photo, whereas before he just called himself ‘AC/DC drummer’ or ‘from AC/DC.’ This has led to some fans speculating that Phil Rudd may be out again before his comeback even being announced, while others believe Slade is just taking advantage of the fact that Angus Young and company haven’t announced that Rudd has replaced him.

Jack B. Nimble posted on, “Lately, Slade has been touting himself as the ‘current’ AC/DC drummer. For some time previously, he allowed himself to be billed, ‘from AC/DC.’ I’m not sure why he’s made the shift from ‘From’ to ‘Current.’ Here’s the most recent billing from Facebook.”

FlacDC responded, “I’d be so disappointed if Slade goes out again for what would surely be a last tour. My personal feeling so no need to turn it into a Phil/Chris pissing match.”

900 wrote about The Black Crowes manager announcing an AC/DC tour, “The wording, the tone, by the chap on Stern’s radio show, is interesting. Someone in a position to state stuff like the Motley Crue thing happening; it would seem weird if he’d include AC/DC just on the grounds of baseless rumours?

There’s hope yet! But the Slade thing is a bit ominous. I mean I’d rather with Slade than nothing at all, but fucking hell….If it happened, SURELY someone sit him down, play him back some recordings of Rosie and STT, and they’d work on the issue?

(Like FLACDC, just my opinion, and the debate’s relevant again if Slade really has recently changed his stated position to ‘current’ member.)”

My Cubicle Penguin chimed in, “As for Slade, I believe his son said that he had no clue what was going on (correct me if I’m wrong), so maybe he considers himself the current drummer just because he hasn’t been outed yet. As much as I prefer Rudd’s sound, I would hate for Slade to be let off yet again just because they wanted someone else – Rudd got himself in trouble, and Slade was there as loyal and reliable backup despite what happened in ‘94.

That being said, if ACDC were of the mindset that what they did in Vancouver will continue onwards for an album release and tour, they probably would have told Slade that they appreciated his return for ROB, but they’re back together again.

Who knows, though, people could be holding stuff back, or even lying, just as part of an NDA. We really have no clue, but this guy’s claims at least add another log to the fire. Unfortunately, a log will only last for a small amount of time.”


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  • Richard Hicks

    It wouldnt surprise me that both Slade & Rudd tour, as Phil has a criminal record, so unlikely he can get into whatever countries that Slade can.