Eddie Van Halen Wife Confirms Injury: ‘It’s Getting Worse’


Eddie Van Halen was photographed with a spinal doctor yesterday, with many fans wondering what the context of the photo was, especially since Eddie has been rumored to have throat cancer, and the doctor he was with doesn’t specialize in that kind of treatment. It appears now that the doctor isn’t Eddie’s, but is his wife Janie’s doctor, as she wrote about dealing with neck, shoulder, and back injuries last year on Twitter. She also shared a photo of her treatment. Eddie Van Halen’s wife recently discussed a cancer scare.

“Love me some @MiloandOlive salad, my reward after being stuffed in a tube for 3, 30 mins sessions. Torture when u r clostro. Time to finally fix an old neck, shoulder & back injury. Hopefully pain relief is on its way. #stemcelltherapy #bulgingdisks #stenosis.”

One fan commented, “Glad you go thru it ok. Sorry to hear about your musculoskeletal pain. I hope you find the right treatment to heal it soon. NUCCA adjustments have worked well for me. I’m a big believer in upper cervical work. Keep us updated on how you are doing Good luck.”

Another fan said, “Sorry to hear this but don’t put it on the backburner any longer…power through girl!”

Janie responded, “It’s been 20 years of burning pain that gets worse as time goes on so it’s finally time to get a handle on it. #tired.”

A fan then encouraged Janie, “Janie! I’m sorry to hear this. There’s an 80+ YO lady in my gym with the same issues. She forced herself to start swimming. She takes no medication and swims about 1-2 hours a day. She said she has minimal pain and if she does nothing, it’s worse. Speedy recoveries.” Eddie Van Halen’s bandmate revealed a sad funeral demand recently.