AC/DC Performing ‘Back In Black’ With New Singer Leaks


AC/DC reportedly have a version recorded of “Back in Black” with a different singer than we’re used to, as it’s not Brian Johnson. The singer featured on the song is Bon Scott, but he is playing drums and not singing. Ozzy Osbourne’s radio station recently confirmed a huge AC/DC reunion tour.

BonneedsPenicillin posted on, “I just got done reading the new Bon Scott book A Rockin’ and Rollin’ Man. Simon said that while visiting Angus at his house in Holland that Angus Young played him a demo of Back and Black with Bon on drums but with no vocals. I think Simon is a stand up guy and wouldn’t lie.”

Pedro Hodecker said, “This is something that would be perfect for BIB anniversary, if true.”

Strat54 added, “I have no doubt the music for Back in Black was mostly done before Brian came in. Maybe some song titles as well.”

An AC/DC family member recently reacted to a sad AIDS statement. Rocco wrote, “It’s no secret that Mal was toying around with the riff of what became BIB the song already in the HTH tour. That has been stated numerous times. So I have no doubt that Simon is telling the truth. What would be his motivation to lie about that?”

MyCubiclePenguin chimed in, “Agreed. Absolutely nothing to gain from a claim like that, so why make it unless it were true. Perhaps he has a lying fetish.

I thought the only two demos with Bon on drums were HADOM and some other track that wasn’t what eventually became the title track (forgot what it was, maybe RARANP or Money Honey). Weren’t they gonna be released on Bonfire? Would be a great treat for the 40th anniversary of Bon’s death and one of the most popular records of all time.”

Outofbounds added, “Here is the Simon Wright quote from the above mentioned book A Rockin’ and Rollin Man by Greg Prato: ‘Y’know what’s funny is Angus played me a tape one time when I was at his house in Holland and there was no vocal on it, but it was Bon playing drums…to the riff of Back in Black. It was a pretty straight forward beat, but it had a good feel to it. I‘m sure it would have sounded awesome [if Bon sang on the Back in Black album]. Unfortunately, we’ll never know.'”