Eric Clapton Caught With A-List ‘Older Woman’


Eric Clapton recently spoke to Niles Rodgers’ mother on the phone for her birthday. Jimmy Page recently made a painful Eric Clapton claim.

Rodgers tweeted, “My #mom’s #birthday bouquet. While visiting her I got a call from #ericclapton. It was lovely to watch her chat with him. A true #gentleman.”

Dlbk03 posted on Reddit recently, “Can we talk about how awesome Eric’s cover of Little Wing on the Layla album is? Holy hell, what a majestic recording. It’s like he knew he could never surpass Hendrix’s version so he just took the song and made it his own. Really, that whole Layla album is near-perfect.”

Cross-Tie-Walker said, “You know, I always forget how different his cover is. It sounds like a whole other song and that’s beautiful. I hadn’t heard it in so long. Thank you for posting this.”

RIOTS_R_US commented, “It’s fucking awesome, and honestly there’s not a better song to have associated with my recently deceased grandmother. Such an emotional high even before, however.”

SimonFol responded, “The whole album is a masterclass with Tom Dowd’s producing Eric Clapton and Duane Allman who apparently could almost sense what the other was going to do,and the rest of the band who were great in their own right.I love Bobby Whitlock’s singing on it too,i could put it on repeat all day long.” David Gilmour recently revealed if Eric Clapton disrespected Pink Floyd.