Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Cowgirl Photos


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons recently uploaded photos of herself in a beautiful cowgirl outfit. She asked fans, “Am I doing it right?” Gene Simmons recently filmed a video of his daughter dancing as her song played on the radio.

Sophie is part Hungarian and Jewish, as her father Gene was born to Hungarian and Jewish parents. Gene Simmons discussed his Hungarian heritage in a new interview with Magyar Nemzet, and discussed a planned concert in Hungary.

He said, “When I was little, I knew a lot of Hungarian songs. My mother used to sing Hungarian songs to me every day. One of my favorites was one that starts with Van nekem az égen egy kis csillagom (I have a little star in the sky)…”

Simmons also said that sometimes he visits Hungary while on business tours and that it always feels like home, and he attempts to speak the native language as much as he can when back in the wonderful country. He added that he also loves Hungarian food like pancakes, goulash soup – and he used to eat pancakes almost every day at home as a child. Simmons said that the country deserves respect, as it was the only state in the communist bloc that went against Russia in 1956. A stunning Gene Simmons police photo was revealed earlier this week.