AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Stole From Rock Icon


AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has ‘been caught stealing.’ AXS TV’s official Twitter account posted a series of rapid-fire style questions with former AC/DC lead singer and current “Life On The Road” host – Brian Johnson. Brian Johnson revealed a ‘miserable failure’ last week. The video, entitled, “Brian Johnson’s Rock and Roll Firsts” recalls several moments throughout the AC/DC icon’s life including, the first album he ever purchased, which he rather stole from a record store – Free Wheelin’ by rock icon Bob Dylan.

“First Concert You Attended”

“It was at Dunston at the Villiage Hall and it was a band called “The Brown Suits”, they were a Skiffle band and they were rotten!”

“First Album You Purchased”

A Brian Johnson AC/DC reunion lie was revealed a few days ago “The First album I bought, I actually stole it because my girlfriend at the time was in Newcastle England at the time and worked at the record store and said that there was an album that nobody is buying. It’s awful, you go over there and stick it up your [inaudible] I did, and it was Bob Dylan’s “Free Wheelin’ and I walked out of there with the biggest nipples in Newcastle. That’s what vinyl did to ya!”

First Band You Were In”

“My very first band was called Gobby Dessert Canoe Club and I made the name up because I thought I was a smartass.”

“First Song You Heard Your Song On The Radio”

Oh, the first time I heard a song of mine on the radio I’ll never forget it. I was with Geordie and we were traveling to Wales. We were going across this huge bridge and there was this guy, this DJ on BBC Radio called Noel Edmonds and he had a program called: “My Pick Of The New Songs of The Week”, and he said, “I think this is gonna be a great song from a Newcastle band”, we were in the band driving and it’s called “Don’t Do That”. It’s fantastic and here it is. We screeched to a stop. It’s a marvelous feeling, ask any artist that question and they will say that it was the best time ever to hear your music on the radio.” An AC/DC icon recently revealed this creepy Angus Young photo.