Tool Rumored Second New Album Revealed


The new Tool album Fear Inoculum‘s second physical release is rumored to be coming in the next couple of months according to two sources on the Tool Reddit, despite their disagreements. Tool revealed who ‘screamed’ at Maynard James Keenan yesterday.

davycoolen posted, “News from the record company: the second physical edition “should be released at the end of October. They still can’t say how it will look and what exactly it will contain, but it seems to be coming. The vinyl version would follow before the end of this year. I got this information directly from Sony Music Belgium.

willybilly1989 commented, “Can you prove this? I want to believe you.”

davycoolen said, “I work for the Belgian weekly magazine Knack Focus. I attended a listening session of the album a week before it was released. Source:”

A Slipknot member recently revealed the bold truth about the new Tool album. DrDeDonder wrote, “That’s just a link to an article. Not proof. I work for Zware Metalen. Here’s my proof. It’s a well known fact that there will be a second release. Hence the Limited Edition!! Also already known vinyl will be released by the end of the year.”

ndelwe chimed in, “I’m guessing this will be the “non-deluxe” package without the video components. I’ll probably still grab a copy if there’s some different artwork in it, but if it’s just a stripped-down version of the first, then meh. I would rather save money until the vinyl release.”

headfirstthistimeWear said, “Both Joe Baressi (producer) and Bob Ludwig (mastering) are award-winning audio engineers who have worked in the industry for decades… so there unfortunately really is no excuse for the clipping, which would have been present in the master before manufacturing. BioshockDaddy1’s right in calling it a very amateur mistake… it’s pretty much audio engineering 101.” A Tool member savagely mocking Kurt Cobain was revealed a few days ago.