AC/DC Icon Reveals Creepy Angus Young Photo


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has posted a classic photo of Angus Young making a creepy face to mark the anniversary of a classic AC/DC release. Slade is rumored to be leaving AC/DC, with Phil Rudd, Brian Johnson, and Cliff Williams returning for a new album and tour. Angus Young was allegedly furious after a new AC/DC leak recently.

Slade said, “This day, 24 Sept 1990, THE RAZORS EDGE was released. My first album and world tour with ACDC⚡.”

A Brian Johnson AC/DC reunion lie was recently revealed. Slade also announced, “Chris Slade, AC / DC Battery, Tom Jones, Uriah Heep, Gary Moore, Asia, Manfred Mann’s earth, the firm, Michael Schenker…. is on tour at his 72 years celebrating the 55 years of Career as a professional musician. After passing through Spain on the rock or bust tour of tdca returns as the Chris Slade timeline, with the same battery of this tour and several ‘sold out’ behind it.

In the iv party of Gods of metal we will have more than two hours of concert with THE Chris Slade TIMELINE and we will approach four cities!!

We will pass:
Barcelona on October 3 at Sala Boveda
Murcia on October 4th in sala Garaje Beat Club
Madrid on October 5th in sala Sound Stage
Vitoria on October 6 at Jimmy Jazz Gasteiz

Accompanied by Paul ‘Bun’ Davis (voice) Steve Glasscock (voice) James Cornford (Guitar / choirs) Michael J Clark (Keyboard / choirs / rhythmic guitar) and Andy Crosby (Bass), we will hear more than 2 hours of hymns of The bands he’s been in.” Brian Johnson revealed a ‘miserable failure’ last week.