Adam Sandler Makes Brutal Eddie Vedder ‘Party’ Claim


Adam Sandler and Howard Stern discussed Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder with Adam Sandler on his show earlier this week, and it was revealed that Eddie and Adam have an unheard ‘party jam’ recording in the vaults. recapped: Howard asked if he jammed with John Fogerty. Adam said he did at Largo. He said he got up on stage with him for a charity event that Judd Apatow was throwing. He said Apatow put him on last and Fogerty did 13 tunes and all the great ones. He said the place was going bananas and he had to go up after. Howard said John got ripped off with his songs. He said he came to his birthday show and blew the roof off the place.

Howard asked what he plays. Adam said he has a Strat. He said he’s had the same guitar since he was 13. Howard said he’ll play anything.

Howard asked if he played with Eddie Vedder. Adam said he has. Eddie and Pearl Jam reportedly canceling a planned show was revealed last week. He said he can’t hold his own on stage. Howard said he wants to hear some of these performances. He said he wishes he could do that. Adam said Eddie came over one night when he was making a comedy album.

He said he and Eddie stayed and jammed after a party. He said they sang a bunch of tunes and he has it somewhere. Howard said next time he comes in he has to bring it with him. Howard said he has to end this since they’ve gone so long. He said he’s very easy to talk to. Howard gave him more plugs and tried to wrap up. Eddie Vedder’s rumored movie with an A-list star was revealed last month.