Joe Perry Says ‘Goodbye’ To Aerosmith In Emotional Message


Aerosmith‘s Joe Perry emotionally said ‘goodbye’ the other night – to 2019! Yes, the acclaimed Aerosmith drummer recently had a bit of fun the other night during one of Aerosmith’s insanely popular residency shows over in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although we had reported potential breakups before, it’s excellent to see how committed the boys are to their craft! Forever should they be on the saddle! Steven Tyler recently revealed if Aerosmith are ‘retiring’ from touring.

Joe Perry wrote the following on Instagram addressing the situation on hand: “Last night was the last show of 2019! Goodbye Las Vegas! See you back here and around the world in 2020!”

So fear not Aerosmith fans, and fans of rock’s most beloved elder statemen doing some of the most interesting stage tactics this side of Circus Circus. You only have to go without Aerosmith ‘Walking This Way, onto the Vegas strip for only a couple of weeks. I think everything should be fine until then. Steven Tyler recently revealed the last time he used drugs, is he clean?

In other news revolving Aerosmith and Steven Tyler, fans recently discussed the group’s 1977 album ‘Draw The Line’ just in the time for its recent anniversary.

One fan said: “When deciding whether to buy this album, I noticed that it didn’t have any classic rock radio staples ala “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion”, or “Back In The Saddle” to anchor it. I also saw many reviews that said this album is where the band’s addictions began to make them lose focus. However, after reading about how the band members spent their spare time driving their Trans Ams, firing their guns, and partying non-stop during the recording of this album in the Summer of ’77 in New York City, I had to hear for myself what the end product of such crazy recording sessions would sound like. I am really glad I gave “Draw the Line” a shot! This album is excellent! I love to blast “Get it Up” when I’m driving, killer guitar and powerful vocals on that one. I also love the punchy, tough-sounding “Sight For Sore Eyes”. The songs “I Wanna Know Why” and “Draw the Line” are also fun, loud, driving songs in the mid-70s Aerosmith style.”

Joe Perry recently revealed if he wants Steven Tyler out of Aerosmith. The reviewer continued: “Moreover, even the experimental songs like the powerful, prog-rock-style “Kings and Queens”, and the wild Replacements-sounding “Bright Light Fright” work well here in my opinion, and tie the album together, giving it some variety. The other songs, “Critical Mass”, “Milk Cow Blues” and “The Hand That Feeds” are okay, certainly not bad. After finally discovering this album just a couple of months ago, I can easily say that “Draw the Line” is the last of four essential 70s Aerosmith albums. I’ve been blasting the “Draw the Line” album all summer so far, very underrated and a lot of fun!”