Alice In Chains Member Reveals If Band Are Working On New Album


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall discussed if Alice In Chains have any 2017 plans yet in a recent Scream & Yell interview. See his translated quote below.

“We’ll have to see. We have not really made any plans for 2017 yet. [Laughs] Maybe we’ll get together and see what musical ideas everyone has, but I do not know.”

He also talked about Grunge.

“Oh God. I do not really think about grunge. You know, I like some bands that are called grunge. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, I like these groups and I’m always happy to see that the bands are still working together.”

DuVall said he did not forsee himself ever singing for Alice In Chains during the band’s hey day.

“Absolutely not. Never. Never. [Laughs] Never crossed my mind. I was obviously a big fan of Layne Staley, but no, I never wanted to. I made my own music. It was a big turn of time to have it all happen, you know?”

He also discussed religion.

“I would say that I am much more humanistic and with an interesting spirituality than a religious person who is attached to any religion. I feel as if all the religions of the world have tried to answer the same fundamental question of humanity, over and over and over and over again. They continue to try to explain the extraordinary world and universe around us as much as encode our own behavior, our moral failings, and all those really deep and heavy problems we face as human beings. All religions in the world have beautiful things to say, beautiful answers to some of these questions and of course, all the world’s religions, or most of the world’s religions, has also created much more questions than it has answered.

And we have seen cases in which many great problems were created for humanity, all over the world, in the name of religion and the like, but in general my visions wanted only to find the common sense that exists between all these lines of thought, And even further embracing all the wonderful progress that has been made in science and physics in medicine, all the scientific disciplines that can answer most of these questions and for all these things together to form what, in my view, is a more comprehensive view of our reality, even if this reality is an illusion. Some of the most fascinating things I’m reading right now are how physicists are challenging even the notion of our perception and our reality that can impact the concept of relativity and illusion – maybe even time can be an illusion. All these things fascinate me far beyond what Christianity says or other religions say. I find all this fascinating. It was a difficult question. [laughs]”