Axl Rose Signs Woman’s Body In New Video


Guns N’ Roses recently finished their show at San Siro stadium in Milan, Italy. Following the show, Axl Rose was spotted signing autographs and clicking pictures with fans in a video clip that surfaced the social media. He signed a woman’s body in one video.

Check it out below:

Axl Rose was recently bashed for messing up vocals

Guns N’ Roses recently performed in Munich and Axl Rose was seen performing ‘Absurd.’ One of the fans on Twitter posted a video clip of the performance and wrote the following about Axl singing the new song with a country voice: now what the f*** are these vocals you did on ABSUЯD in Munich the other day… I cannot stand you @axlrose

While it seems that the fan might have bashed Rose, another fan explained that was written in an ‘endearing’ manner. “okay too many people think this is serious and/or aggressive and it’s not. when fans on twitter say “I cannot stand you” toward said person they are a fan of, it is 100% meant in an endearing way. these vocals are silly fun and I’m here for it”
Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose admitted during a concert last week that he had to adjust his singing style singing in a lower register more often. Something fans actually enjoyed. It resulted in Guns N’ Roses playing a shorter set in London, England last week before cancelling their July 5h at Glasgow.
Rose would tell an audience last week, “Welcome to the world of the baritone…As you can tell, I’m having a few issues but these shows are really important to us.” “So I’ll be switching the songs around a little bit vocally, I hope you don’t mind. We would like to keep going,” he concluded.