Alice In Chains Have Heartbreaking Chris Cornell Tribute On New Album


On the liner notes for Alice In Chains’ new album, members of the band pay tribute to Chris Cornell and his family. The band thanks Susan Silver very first. Silver is Cornell’s ex-wife, and also the longtime manager of Alice In Chains and previously Soundgarden. Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney both thank Chris Cornell and his daughter with Susan Silver Lily specifically. Lily has been present at several summer 2018 Alice In Chains shows, and attended a Seattle Mariners game with them on Monday.

Jerry Cantrell also thanks all of the people who have listened to AIC over the years in the liner notes, and said that the support means “the world to me and the fellas.”

Sean Kinney thanks all of his friends and all of the fans….except that one guy. Rainier Fog is set for release in North America later this week. “The One You Know,” “So Far Under,” and “Never Fade” as pre-release singles for the record. It is their third album to feature William DuVall, and their first album since 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here.

Chris Cornell died by suicide in May 2017 in Detroit following a Soundgarden performance.