Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Stunning Shirtless Photo Revealed


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell has shared a photo of himself shirtless on his Instagram page.

“My good friend and long time collaborator Rocky Schenk sent me this pic recently he took that I’d never seen. It’s from the Facelift photo shoot. You may not know this but that isn’t sand I’m standing in front of it’s sulphur. Amazing visually, but pure torture to be in close proximity to. Our eyes were burning and tearing up for the whole shoot . The phrase “sometimes you have to suffer for your art” was very apropos that day.”

Cantrell also recently wrote, “AIC in Aukland 32 years in the making finally came to be. You guys brought it hard tonight . Thank you for having us. Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer joined us to end the main set on Them Bones and Dam that River. The Red Hot Alice In Chains Chili Peppers sextet. What a blast.”

“I am the Jenga champ last night at the ding dong lounge 5-2. Having a great time in Aukland . Headed to the arena to get ready for Zee rawk show. We may have a little extra surprise for you folks tonight 🤘🏻”

“Well ….we finally made it. We had to cancel our New Zealand show in the early 90s and unfortunately we’ve never been back till now. Looking forward to rocking out Aukland on Thursday for the very first time. Having a nice stroll around town at the moment🤘🏻”