Dave Grohl Solo Album Finally Surfaces


A very rare copy of Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s 1992 solo release Pocketwatch has surfaced on eBay. Grohl released the album under the name Late!

The eBay listing states, “Rare cassette (purchased in 1994 via mail-order) of songs that Dave Grohl demoed, some of which would be re-recorded for either Nirvana or the Foo Fighters.”

Grohl discussed recording Pocketwatch in a 2005 Mojo Magazine interview, “I’d written songs before, for Scream, and in my friend’s basement on a 4-track, but that was the first time I’d written something that was so naked. I wrote that song when I first moved up with Nirvana. After living with Chris in Tacoma for a month and a half, I moved down to Olympia with Kurt. We lived in this tiny apartment that was just an absolute fucking dumpster, and I was on a sleeping schedule where I would go to sleep about 6.30 in the morning, and wake up maybe around 4.30 in the afternoon, just as the sun was going down.

We were doing a lot of rehearsing in this barn out in Tacoma, and we had no television.It was just a small stack of albums and a 4-track, cigarette butts and corn-dog sticks everywhere; my home was the couch, which was about four- and-a-half-feet long, and I’m six-feet tall – it was just a fuckin’ nightmare. I wrote the song one night and recorded it while Kurt was sleeping. I was just writing about these people I’d just met, myself included, because I had a lot of time to sit around and think.”


“Pokey the Little Puppy” – 4:21
“Petrol CB” – 4:44
“Friend of a Friend” – 3:06
“Throwing Needles” – 3:20
“Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson” – 2:05
“Color Pictures of a Marigold” – 3:13
“Hell’s Garden” – 3:18
“Winnebago” (Grohl, Geoff Turner) – 4:11
“Bruce” – 3:52
“Milk” – 2:35