Alice In Chains ‘Kicked’ Angry Fans At Show


The main songwriter of rock band Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell, recently spoke with Tom Morello, the former member of supergroup Prophets of Rage, and current member of Rage Against The Machine, on his Maximum Firepower podcast. about going on a summer tour called ‘Clash of the Titans’ where other bands like Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer also performed. It was during the same podcast that Jerry Cantrell revealed false headlines about Chris Cornell and Layne Staley.

He said that the crowd was wild, and they had to fight their way in during the show at Red Rocks. He spoke about the whole incident as the fans went frantic on AIC. It was a situation of chaos, but Cantrell stated that it was fun doing that. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Jerry Cantrell reveals the incident:

“There was one particular time I think it was the Red Rocks, and you know you played at the venue. So you know the seats go up at such an angle that if you catch some air, it’s definitely go for 30 minutes or 25 minutes however long we played. It was just raining debris and we would throw stuff back, we’d jump the barricade and we’d spit and kick right back, and battled the crowd for about half of it. It was kinda fun doing that.”

The Alice in Chains singer-songwriter Jerry Cantrell has recently revealed his plans for upcoming shows. He is planning on doing some shows next year with the band and also have solo shows booked from March till May of next year. Jerry Cantrell also recently revealed the last time he used drugs.

Cantrell noted how this past year and a half has been extremely difficult for the whole planet. He has been concerned about the situation and everyone has been striving ‘to figure out how to navigate this new element in our lives.’ According to him, people are fortunate that they have had ‘pretty good medicine’ to deal with this virus. It was previously alleged that Jerry Cantrell’s show was ruined by Jeff Garlin.