Jerry Cantrell Show Allegedly Ruined By Jeff Garlin


Alice In Chains fans recently got the chance to connect with Jerry Cantrell’s music through a global livestream event that took place. The show was dubbed “An Evening With Jerry Cantrell,” as the singer-guitarist hit the screens worldwide on Thursday, December 2. Pearl Jam also recently announced a festival with Jerry Cantrell.

Cantrell recently recorded his performance, a mixture of music within an intimate setting, as well as Q&A session hosted by actor/comedian Jeff Garlin (The GoldbergsCurb Your Enthusiasm).

The show comes as the Alice In Chains musician is currently supporting his latest solo album, Brighten, which arrived last month. The album features the lead single “Atone,” as well as the title track and “Siren Song.” The livestream was a medium to showcase his new material, with many of the musicians [Tyler Bates, Greg Puciato, Gil Sharone, George Adrian, Vincent Jones, Michael Rozon) who joined him on the record.

Fans believe Jeff Garlin ruined Cantrell’s performance

While fans loved the performance of Cantrell, some have heavily criticized Jeff Garlin for his comedy and they believe he ‘ruined’ Cantrell’s performance. It was noted that he constantly interrupted Jerry when he was trying to answer a question.

One of the fans was highly critical as he said on the AIC Reddit: “Just hearing his voice makes me want to strangle his big fat neck! There were genuine fans that were really excited to ask Jerry questions and Jeff just completely disregarded them with stupid “jokes” and rude comments. Like what the f**k? Who invited that guy?”

Another said: “Jerry and the band were amazing. And I could listen to them talk all night. But host could not STFU, and recognize he was supposed to be a facilitator and not an attention grabber for this event. It was not about him.”

One said: “I like him on Curb, but I think his stand up is honestly kinda crap. Maybe just not my thing. But yeah, I agree on the q&a thing, Jeff kinda ruined it.”