Alice In Chains Make Sad Death Announcement


Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez has announced the death of legendary actor Rip Torn at 88. Torn is best known for his performances on The Larry Sanders Show and in films like Men in Black and Dodgeball. Inez wrote, “R. I. P. Rip.”

He wrote about a dog recently, “This lil girl was running for her life in traffic during the fireworks show. She seems to have been on the streets for a while. So my wife and I grabbed her (after the lil shit bit me) and took her home for a flea bath and dinner.She hasn’t stopped wagging her tail. #gooddeeddone.”

Jerry Cantrell recently wrote, “Athens thank you again for having us, was a total blast playing for you. Thanks to our incredible crew and to all our dedicated fans . A hell of a run for our final European leg of the Rainier Fog campaign. Hope to see you again before too long. 🤘🏻”

He added, “Dealy and Teddi duking it out over who is the real cat in the box. Looks like Dealy won this round but Teddi got in some quality shots. Haven’t seen my rats in 7 weeks , looking forward to sacking out in my own bed tonight. Athens , that was a proper send off last night . AICs first gig ever in Greece and our last show of the European tour. USA here we come to throw down with Korn in a few weeks. 🤘🏻”