Steven Tyler Offends Daughter By Posting Backside Photo


Steven Tyler, Aerosmith frontman recently took to social media via Instagram to have more fun than usual and seemingly break the internet, if not the world. Tyler, posted this picture of him, in true Jim Carrey in ‘Ace Ventura: Pet Detective’ fashion playing with his own ‘backside‘. Complete with leggings with eyes on each cheek. Steven Tyler recently called out this actor for leaving Aerosmith show.

Tyler wrote: “Ass me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.” Needless to say, social media was taken ablaze and while A-listers such as Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong responded to the post no one had a more ‘response of the day’ worthy response more-so than Tyler’s own daughter who put: “If eyes are the window to the soul does that mean you’re… never mind, don’t need to know.”

Joe Perry reveals brutal Steven Tyler attack in video. Although there were plenty of fans who got in on the commenting action. Dnguess57 replied: “That’s totally you dude. You’ve been doing stuff like this for how many decades now?”

Iamsuzyet wrote: “I was thinking right now about people can tell no lies to each other and you turn it perfect ilustrating my thought with Japanese Rain Goggles! Hahahaha

joseegri1932 replied: “OMG. Honey Steven, my heart starts racing. That sexy pose lets my imagination and fantasies fly. Kisses all over on your body for me, you’re tho most sensual man. No more words to say. These Steven Tyler daughter beach swimsuit photos were revealed not too long ago.