Alice In Chains Reveal Extended Hiatus News


Alice In Chains are one of the most slept on bands of all time when we are talking about getting nods from those in the deeper realm of music like those who run the Hall Of Fame. That said, Alice In Chains still do have their huge subset of fans who support everything that they do. In fact, their core fanbase may actually be stronger than  ever before.

As many know, Jerry Cantrell recently released his newest solo record (with some friends on the album to help out) ‘Brighten’. The album itself has been held up high by fans of Alice In Chains as well as we are currently seeing ratings above 95% for it which is pretty astounding.

Recently, Jerry was interviewed and talked about all things that relate not only to himself and what he plans to do as a solo artist, but he also spoke on Alice In Chains as many know that the band is on hiatus. Could Alice be coming to an end anytime soon or will this hiatus continue to draw out?

Via an interview with Scott Lipps of Spin, Jerry stated that back in 2019 when Alice In Chains were playing shows with Korn as Alice were coming off of ‘Rainer Fog’, they were looking at winding down. Alternative Nation transcribed Cantrell’s comments about AIC being off the road for the last couple of years.

Jerry: “We planned on taking a year off, so I figured I’d take that year and make a record because I hadn’t done it.” That one year is now coming up on two years, but Jerry re-assured that Alice In Chains would eventually come back as he stated that there is still more to come from the legendary band.

For a full breakdown of what’s going on, please feel free to check out the video below as we listen to Jerry Cantrell give his thoughts on everything.