Eddie Van Halen Family Angry After Tragic Bombshell


Eddie Van Halen‘s wife Janie ranted on Twitter after two major earthquakes devastated Southern California on July 4th and 5th.

“Son of a b$&/! I hate earthquakes.”

Janie Van Halen recently revealed a terrible injury photo, and has clarified specifically what is wrong in a new tweet.

She told a fan, “Ankle issue.”

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee called the 7.1 earthquake that hit Southern California on Friday a ‘little roller,’ offending fans in Ridgecrest who have lost power, with severe damage to homes and even fires breaking out. Lee lives in Los Angeles, which is south of the epicenter of the earthquake.

Lee said, “Hey news! Calm the fuck down it was just a little roller you desperate for content F**ks.”

He later added, “Y’all fell me! That quake was me tweaking my new kik drums!!! Comin soon.”

There have been rumors of a Van Halen reunion tour with Michael Anthony back on bass, and some fans are becoming impatient. NDL posted on VHLinks.com:

“About a month ago, David Lee Roth said that he would be convening with Van Halen, for the purposes of discussing what the band’s future would look like. And in all of this, he hinted that Van Halen would be issuing all new music.

‘Check back to the DLR website for any and all updates!’

Like an idiot, I confess that I set my personal web browser’s homepage to DLR’s site, knowing that I would not check the site for any other reason – wanting to get the latest in Van Halen news – amidst the promise of new Van Halen music.

What’s up with this guy?

When I was a kid, had you told me that there would come a mass rollout of the internet – along with the ability to hear Roth elucidate on various topics…wow!

I would expect for him to tell us the background behind each of Van Halen’s songs; an ongoing discussion of his favorite musical influences, aspirations; what it was like working with Vai, and the detail behind the Skyscraper album cover.


About a month ago, he drops a bombshell of the likelihood of new music – especially after October’s stunt, you think he’d have been a little cautious of how he delivers future news.”